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When the HXR-FMU128 is used in conjunction with memory cards, Sony’s unique HYBRID recording capability is enabled, allowing a combination of HD and SD resolutions to be recorded simultaneously. The operator is free to choose which resolution is recorded on each media type, and may even set the camcorder to record to both media types simultaneously.

There are many benefits to HYBRID recording, including:

♦ Edit system ingest time for HD files stored on the HXR-FMU128 is typically faster than from memory cards.

♦ HD files simultaneously recorded on memory cards provide a time and cost- effective method of archiving.

♦ SD files may be used for quick preview on a laptop or for SD deliverables, such as web-based movies.

NOTE: Recording SD simultaneously to both media types is not supported. IMPORTANT: The filenames of corresponding HD and SD clips are different.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

9 thoughts on “SONY NX-5 User Video Review

  1. Cheers for doing the video review. Was very informative, and despite already being an NX5 owner I learned a few new things. I’ve been using the touch screen and not liking the fingerprints, so good to know it’s not mandatory to use. I’ve had a few problems with the linear pcm in final cut, the log & transfer takes so much longer that It’s not worth me using – shame rly. Agree that the navigation scroll wheel is a pain the backside, way too fiddly for use when on a wedding shoot. Weighing up if I should get the flash drive at some point for simultaneous recording – extra peace of mind.

  2. question.. the external solid state hdd, do you know if you can hook that one up to a sony z5e?

  3. Very nice review – very detailed.
    I was just wondering since there was no mention of it.. can you tell me if the cam has a histogram or A/B shot transition, both features on the z5 (the so called tape version of this cam)

    thanks in advance.


  4. Don’t think so as it seems specific to the NX5, the Z5 would have to have the contacts on the side of the camera which it doesn’t.

  5. Just got the Wide Angle for the NX5 today and it’s fantastic, bayonet fits to the front of the lens and gives you a working angle of 23º (35mm) full zoom through… I would consider this long before a flash drive. It also makes the camera look the part and comes with a filter holder and a French flag (Price around £700).

  6. ah okay, so it only has the specific connecters, no points for other more standard cables. thx

  7. Hayo…these outputs are standard on 99% of all HD camcorders…they are as standard as having 4 wheels on a car ! Composite via phono plug (Supplied), component via a breakout cable (Supplied), HDMI or HD-SDI.

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