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The Panasonic P2 ROP (P2 Remote Operation Panel) free app is a highly functional user interface for supported Panasonic P2 Camera recorders. It features all the necessary functions contained within a traditional hardware ROP such as the optional AG-EC4 remote controller but in a software application.


This app is a master stroke from Panasonic and a major bonus for PX270/PX5000 owners. Not only do you have a master CCU right at your finger tips you also have the ability to watch proxy files as well.


IMPORTANT : Panasonics P2-ROP app is only available for the Apple iPad at the moment.


Proxy browser is also built into the app so that operator can adjust the setting while checking recorded clips with thumbnail and previewing. Metadata can also be displayed and edited on iPad to support post production work.


You need to purchase an AJ-WM30 Wi-Fi module to make this possible, on the PX270 the WM30 fits underneath a sliding cover on the hand grip, keeping it out of harms way (£144).

My colleague Alister came over on Thursday to have his two Panasonic PX270s upgraded to the latest firmware 16.30-00-0.00, giving him the new lossless AVC-Intra 200 Codec as well as the ability to use P2-ROP. We were very impressed with P2-ROP and tested it outside at a distance of about 40 feet, at one point it lost the Wi-Fi signal when the camera was recording but surprisingly it initialised itself when the camera was nearer the iPad and it was still recording, so even if your signal is lost temporarily all is not lost.

Setting up the Wi-Fi was a wee bit tricky but we managed it. I will go into further detail next week.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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