Sony F3 v Canon 5D2 “The writing is on the wall”

I guess someone was bound to do such a comparison but sadly for Canon it shows up it’s major flaws quite dramatically to the extent that “Canonites” …those who revere the 5D2 are rather taken aback by how bad their camera really is under “normal” circumstances. This is an article produced by Mike Seymour who is not out deliberately to […]

H Preston Open Day at Malvern…Day Two, last day to beat the VAT increase !

Remember if you are looking for something to while away some spare time why not pop over to H Preston Media’s Open Day today. This is the last day for bargains and to beat the 20% VAT increase due 1st January 2011. Bring and buy your present camcorder and see how much John will give you for it. All you […]

CVP…Only 2 days to beat the 20% VAT

BEAT THE VAT INCREASE! The UK’s VAT rate increases from 17.5% to 20% on 4th January 2011: With only 2 days left to take advantage of the current lower rate take a close look at our freshly updated website where you’ll find hundreds of quality ex-demo and used equipment bargains as well as great pricing on all new equipment… SONY […]

TESTED…Two Panasonic micro 4/3 lenses for the AF101

 Today my Panasonic lenses arrived, ready to fit onto my AF101 but sadly they are still in Japan. First UK deliveries should start filtering through early January so until then I have everything but the camera. As I have a Panasonic G2 mFT stills camera I decided to put the lenses through their paces. As you can see our […]

MTF produce the worlds 1st Nikon G to Sony F3 Adapter

MTF are now taking pre orders for our latest products: The Nikon to Sony F3 adaptor and the Canon FD to Sony F3 adaptor. Designs have been finalised and  both adaptors are being manufactured right now, ready for shipping in mid January. Simply turn the blue ring to adjust aperture.This adaptor incorporates a built in control ring allowing you to visually adjust lens aperture.(Patent […]

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