Meanwhile back at Sony…FS5 firmware V4 has been pulled with no explanation. UPDATED

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Sony are having some problems with the FS5 firmware version 4. Having had a wee trawl round various web sites this morning Newsshooter seems to have an end user with the following problem…Kevin “I updated to 4.00 as I was really excited about the lower ISO option in SLOG. I then used the camera on a shoot in SLOG2 4K 24p with both XLRs in use and the audio is out of sync! Two frames off from what I can tell but it’s enough to be a problem. Contacted Sony support and they told me yesterday that they were pulling the firmware for this and other undisclosed reasons. Yikes, I thought Sony QC was better and I should have known better than immediately updating!!!”

Sony finally give us an explanation…

“Sony has temporarily suspended the new firmware updates for PXW-FS5 and PXW-Z150 due to a minor issue found during testing within the HDR function in the Picture Profile menu. These will be fixed in a new firmware version, v4.01 for the PXW-FS5 and v2.01 for the PXW-Z150, which will be released in the coming weeks.

If the most recent firmware version has already been downloaded we advise to download v4.01 or v2.01 as soon as it becomes available. If there are any further questions please contact the Prime Support team on 00800 7898 7898 and they will be happy to answer your questions.”

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HD Warrior Mobile friendly… again !

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Interestingly my blog was mobile friendly apart from the plugin at some point becoming de-activated, after an update and re-activated HD Warrior is now mobile friendly…again.

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The first pictures of a working Panasonic EVA-1…Still no pricing ? UPDATED

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Interesting that this Panasonic EVA-1 is fully kitted with Zacuto gear, the lead coming from the back of the EVA-1 is in fact an SDI cable and not a power lead as 1st thought.

Still no pricing from Panasonic though Nigel Wilkes from Panasonic Broadcast UK has just tweeted this… “The final announcements about EVA1 will be released next week…’s coming!”

Filippo Chiesa and Takahiro Mitsui (King of EVA1) out doing some filming in Iceland with a working pre production EVA-1.

Interesting to also note them using a Canon DSLR rather than a Lumix GH5. This story also tells us that in order to use the EVA-1 for critical focus you need a 3rd party EVF.

Down at London interviewing Nigel Wilkes about the Panasonic DVX-200 in 2015

Update…New Tweet from Nigel Wilkes…”Crazy made up pricing for EVA1 being discussed on social media. Ignore it…and just wait until next week”

Yet WEX have the Panasonic EVA-1 priced at a ridiculous price of £8,999 and I bet they have not had one order at this made up price. Sorry Nigel you have yourselves to blame taking far too long to come up with a price for a camcorder that I have already blogged about costing no more than £5,499 incl vat you know the competition and how sluggish the market is so lets hope sense prevails.

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XEffects 3D Video Walls $49 Launch Price, then ($99)

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XEffects 3D Video Walls allows you to build single, multiple or complex video walls in Final Cut Pro X. You control the number of panels, the shape, the depth and the material. Position the wall in 3D space adding a depth of field and choose a pre-programmed animation to fly the wall in and out.

Each plugin has been built as a title to avoid cumbersome drop zones for better speed, timing and easy tweaking. Audio also always stays in sync.

Use one of the 45 built-in templates, or build your own wall!

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Lexar are shutting down

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Micron Technology today announced that it is discontinuing its Lexar® retail removable media storage business. The decision was made as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to focus on its increasing opportunities in higher value markets and channels.

The Lexar portfolio includes memory cards, USB flash drives, readers, and storage drives for retail and OEM customers.

Micron is exploring opportunities to sell all or part of the Lexar business.


The company will continue to provide support to existing customers through this transition period. Customers should contact their Lexar sales representative to discuss specific requirements.

I’d like to thank our team members and partners for their contributions to the Lexar business. As difficult as this decision is, the company is making this adjustment in its business to ensure it continues to be well-positioned for the future.

HDW : Sadly we have come to rely on Lexar 1000x as the leading manufacturer for use with our GH5s in 4K 50p and was the first card of choice. Long before the new v2 software appears for the 400Mbps upgrade to the GH5 we will lose the ability to purchase the only card on the market suitable to sustain its speeds the Lexar 2000x SDXC speed 10 U3 card. I know most GH5 users have come to rely on their Lexar media and will be a great loss.

What choice do we now have for the GH5 pre 400Mbps…

SANDISK EXTREME PRO SD UHS-II CARD 64G = £125  (Up to 95/90MB/s read/write speed)
Panasonic RP-SDUD64GAK UHS Speed Class 3 64Gb = £65  (Up to speed: Read (MB/s): 95 / Write (MB/s): 90)
DELKIN 128G UHS II V90 = £235 (Read 280MB/s Write 250MB/s)

While the Lexar 128G 2000x is £180 and the 128G 1000x is £90



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Review of the Panasonic FZ2000

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Finally I have finished my review of the Panasonic FZ2000, I already own an FZ1000 so why buy the 2000.

I soon discovered with the FZ1000 that it was an exceptional HD video camera but with a lot missing. Panasonic took on board the criticisms of the 1000 and produced the FZ2000 with some surprises.

First surprise was the addition of ND filters which is a major bonus when filming at a shutter speed of a 50th.

Thankfully they also included the long overdue headphone socket, I do not like the micro HDMI socket so lets hope the FZ3000 includes a full size HDMI  the same as the GH5.The other major update was a properly positioned tripod screw hole, my FZ1000 has an adapter seen above, moving the screw hole to where it now is on the FZ2000.

The SD card slot was also in the battery compartments on the 1000 while its been moved to a more accessible place at the side of the camera.

Panasonic even added a new thumbwheel on top of the FZ1000 making manual adjustments a lot easier.

Thoughts for the FZ3000…4K 50p, 4K 25p 10 bit 422, FHD 10bit 422, full size HDMI socket, higher resolution EVF and dual card slots and the addition of the XLR unit as seen on the GH5.

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I think Panasonic need a hand on pricing ?

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No one seems to have a price for the new Panasonic EVA-1, the new Super 35mm 4K 50p camcorder with Canon EF mount.

So lets start with the competition…The Panasonic GH5 with 12-60mm lens and XLR unit.

This specs of the GH5 are almost identical to the EVA-1 less the Super 35mm sensor and Canon EF mount. We all know Panasonic are never going to match the GH5’s price so what about the Sony FS5.

The Sony FS5 is what the EVA-1 is directly in competition with in my opinion and as you can see its twice the price of the Panasonic GH5. The EVA-1 still beats the FS5 on specs alone.

The BlackMagic mini URSA Pro is about the closest to the EVA-1 you can get also sporting a Canon EF mount and Super 35mm sensor.

What about the Panasonic EVA-1 on price, simple no more than £5,499 to compete with its direct competition.

So when Panasonic say the EVA-1 is less than £6,179 or 8,000 dollars for their sake it better be a lot less than £6000 or it will not compete with the present competition.

In case Panasonic are not listening, there is a general downturn on video sales thanks to BREXIT so a camcorder at a competitive price would be useful.

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AWAKEN 4K Trailer

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This guy combines high speed filming, time lapse, hyper lapse, motion control, long exposures and ultra high definition to create the most amazing videos. Here’s his new trailer for awaken, watch on youtube in the highest resolution your computer will handle. Releasing in 2018

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NEW from Blind Spot Gear the “Tile Light” £445 incl vat.

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I went to Blind Spot’s HQ in the West end of Glasgow during the year to see the new “Tile Light” they were developing. The one thing that does not come across is how bright this wee LED light is.

Billy showed me the new Tile Light…A single surface emitter technology is powered by embedded high-density blue emitting LEDs that excite a layer of phosphor diffusion.

Open the window on to the world with the Tile Light. A portable, battery powered light for cinematography. With a large beam angle of 120 degrees the Tile creates a large even pool of light that makes everything look it’s best. Combine beauty, flexibility, portability and strength.

The lads, James Campbell, chief cartographer, Billy Campbell chief explorer and Alan Easdale chief inventor.

Everything you get in the box.

– 1 x Tile Lamp
Included accessories
– 1 x Remote Dimmer
– 1 x Dimmer Extension Cable
– 1 x International AC
– 1 x Battery Adapter
– 1 x Battery (NP-f550)
– 1 x CTO Gel
– 1 x USB Battery Charger
– 1 x Ball Mount
– 1 x Hot Shoe Adapter
– 1 x Lamp Bag

Billy “It’s been one heck of a journey for us here at Blind Spot Gear, true to our word it was only short wait from when we last saw each other. Our brand new groundbreaking TLCI-92 trans-technological fusion ‘Tile Light’ is finished. We took delivery of the first batch last week.”

Further info from

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Drone misuse is becoming a major problem.

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Only last week a drone was caught flying too close to Gatwick Airport and led to the closure of the runway forcing five flights to be diverted, this type of irresponsible behaviour is not acceptable. The sooner drones have the ability to auto transmit their owners details the better.

An airport spokesman said the runway had been closed for two periods on Sunday – of nine and five minutes – after the drone was sighted.

Easyjet said four of its flights were diverted, while British Airways said one aircraft was diverted to Bournemouth.

Other flights were put into holding patterns as a precaution. Sussex Police is investigating.

Despite present drone regulations in the US, identifying the operator of any given drone in the sky is nearly impossible, making it difficult for law enforcement to deal with drones that are being misused. To address this issue, the Federal Aviation Administration has developed the new UAS Identification and Tracking Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC), which just recently wrapped up its first meeting.

According to the FAA, this initial meeting was used to discuss law enforcement concerns related to drones, to present regulations concerning drone tracking and identification, as well as possible legal issues and air traffic drone management. Existing drone ID tech was reviewed, and ‘preliminary…identification parameters’ were created.

Chris on Arran chose a very quiet place to fly his drone while I was producing my Panasonic FZ2000 review

Speaking on the behalf of unnamed sources, Recode reports that law enforcement agencies are concerned about their inability to identify drones from the ground; this concern has reportedly delayed an FAA proposal related to flying drones over people. The FAA is said to be using this committee to develop a system in which law enforcement will be able to identify a drone from the ground, addressing the agencies’ concerns.

Such a system may involve the drone itself broadcasting its identification to a law enforcement system, enabling police to ID the drone’s operator or, at the very least, its owner. Such an identification system would likely require small non-commercial drones to be registered, however, marking a deviation from current drone regulations.

At the moment, only commercial drones must be registered with the FAA.

In November 2016, the UK’s drone code was revised and updated to help pilots ensure they fly their gadgets safely. The revised code consists of five basic rules.

  • Don’t fly near airports or airfields
  • Remember to stay below 120m (400ft) and at least 50m (150ft) away from people
  • Observe your drone at all times
  • Never fly near aircraft
  • Enjoy responsibly


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