Sennheiser MKE2 Elements for GoPro Hero 4 £179

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Add that missing element. – Looking for amazing audio to accompany your beautiful video? The MKE 2 elements Action Mic for GoPro® HERO4 cameras, will make all the difference. It is ready when you are. No matter what you’re into: mountain biking, winter sports or surfing that big wave, the MKE 2 elements Action Mic will provide you with that extra dimension. Enabling you to share your experiences, not only with beautiful video but amazing audio too.

Mountain biking, surfing, snowboarding… GoPro cameras are excellent at capturing spectacular video with amazing visual quality. With the MKE 2 elements Action Mic you now have a rugged solution at your hands that enables you to capture the thrill of the moment in a sound quality that is just as incredible. Featuring great Sennheiser technology, made fit for the most extreme situations a mic can face, the MKE 2 elements Action Mic will help you tell the whole tale.

A great detailed description from NewsShooter at NAB 2017

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NEW from NAB 2017… V lock batteries that charge in 20 minutes

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One good bit of news from NAB 2017 is the new V lock battery system that can charge your 130Wh V locks in only 20 minutes. The 130Wh battery is expected to retail for under $800US (£620), which sounds like a lot, but you have to remember it is claimed to last seven times longer than other batteries, I assume the price does not include the charger ?

Here is a video from the boys at NewsShooter

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FOR SALE…Edelkrone motion control set for sale £600 ono (UPDATED SOLD)

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I am selling this on behalf of a friend and colleague who is hoping to upgrade to Edlekrone’s new Motion Control system.

One of the world’s smallest and most accomplished motion control systems – The Edelkrone Action and Target Module system. This is the first generation system for use on the Edelkrone Sliderplus V2.
Note: it won’t work on the V1.

In short, the Action module drives the carriage along the rails at the speed and acceleration you dial in and the Target module pans the camera as it slides, targeting your subject. You don’t need both for each to work but the combination makes for smooth panning and sliding shots. You can use it for timelapse, stop motion, macro slides and combined with the optional L Bracket, you can achieve a barrel roll tracking shot. I have used this for TV commercials, product videos, outdoor interviews – it’s a great add on for your Edelkrone Slider Plus V2 and is in fully working condition. To use these modules you will need to swap the fabric belt on your sliderplus for the rubber toothed version which is available on the Edelkrone website.
These modules are no longer available new from Edelkrone as a new model has now been released – the comparable version of which is selling for around £1720. I am selling this fully working Edelkrone Motion kit at £600 ono + P&P. For anyone offering the full price, I’ll throw in two Sony NP FV batteries and a third party charger. Payment via PayPal please.
1 x Action Module – with Sony NP FV battery plate
1 x Target Module – with Sony NP FV battery plate
1 x L Bracket
1 x Timelapse trigger release cable – for use on the Canon 7D – may fit others.
Fortunately Edelkrone are still showing the “how to use” video manuals on both the target module and the Action module.

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NAB 2017 so far a big disappointment

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So far NAB 2017 has not been the show we have come to expect form previous years, firstly with Panasonic keeping an interchangeable cinema camcorder under raps, some people speculating a 10bit 4:2:2 super 35mm 4K camcorder in keeping with the new GH5 but in a conventional camera body.

Sony on the other hand have decided to stop bringing out camcorders, probably because they have far too many as it is and decided to revamp the F5/55 with a new updated viewfinder the DVF-EL200.

Atomos  have decided to enter the video monitor market with the SUMO 19″ monitor witch is a monitor, recorder and a switcher. £2394 incl vat

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Lumix GH5 FW v1.1 now available

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I have just installed the new FW1.1 into my GH5 and it works a treat, it takes less than 60 seconds to perform. Make sure you insert the card into slot one.

FHD 4:2:2 10-bit video recording has been added. It can be selected in either FHD [MP4 (LPCM)] or [MOV] recording format.
4:2:2 10-bit video recording has been added to Anamorphic (4:3) mode.
There was a problem in which the exposure adjustment did not operate properly during live view standby when the [SS/Gain Operation] display was set to [ANGLE/ISO] while [Variable Frame Rate] was selected for Creative Video mode, this has been fixed.
A problem in [V-LogL] of Photo Style mode where afterimages appeared when recording video under high ISO sensitivity settings has been fixed.

Approximate available recording times for the motion picture settings added by this firmware update..

Get it here…

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New…Edelkrone Slider Plus & Motion Kit plus added Noise level test video…£2,106

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The most important feature of Motion Kit is its self programming. On other systems, you have to program each motor (axis) separately, dealing with keyframes and curves for long durations. If you change your mind about the shot, you need to start from scratch.

The new motion slider is silent, great for interview work…

Or is it, here is a video produced by Edelkrone that tells me its not completly silent but is as good as you are going to get, certainly a lot better than the present motion slider from Edelkrone.

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GH5 will get 422 10bit HD on Monday

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Monday is the big day for the new 422 10bit HD firmware we have all been waiting for and in my opinion should have shipped with the camera.

It was just officially confirmed that Panasonic will roll out the first one of the promised firmware updates for the GH5 on April 24, 2017.

The new firmware Ver.1.1 will add 4:2:2 10-bit Full HD video recording at 100Mbps alongside 10-bit 4:2:2 IPB capture when shooting at 3328 x 2496 resolution at 150Mbps in addition to the existing 4K video recording mode.

Other minor enhancements include fixing the malfunction of the exposure adjustment during live view standby when using [Variable Frame Rate] on certain occasions along with the weird appearance of afterimages when recording video under high ISO sensitivity settings while using [V-LogL].

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New Canon servo zoom lens 70-200 T4.4 Price £6,088 incl vat

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Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is proud to announce today the new COMPACT-SERVO 70-200mm Telephoto Zoom Lens (model name CN-E 70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S), a compact and lightweight 4K lens constructed for users that demand versatility and portability. A bridge between traditional Canon EF lenses and CN-E cinema lenses, the COMPACT-SERVO 70-200mm can be ideal for filmmakers and documentary shooters who want the control and quality of cinema optics with the lightweight, compact design and features of Canon’s EF lenses.

The second in a new class of Canon lenses, the COMPACT-SERVO 70-200mm Telephoto Zoom Lens is a cinema-style lens that includes a servo drive unit as a standard feature. Additionally, the lens incorporates Image Stabilization, Autofocus, and Auto Iris functionality*, three extremely useful features not commonly found in cinema lenses, but are popular in EF lenses. The lens also provides high image quality that supports 4K image productions and was designed to be utilized in a variety of shooting styles including, hand-held, shoulder mounted, and tripod mounted.

“Canon prides itself on turning the ideas and thoughts from filmmakers about equipment into reality,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, president and COO, Canon U.S.A., Inc. “We are very excited to expand our line of COMPACT-SERVO lenses, providing a variety of creators with an extremely versatile and affordable lens that features the outstanding build-quality and excellent optical performance that professionals have come to expect from Canon. We are excited to continue to build the COMPACT-SERVO line of lenses, and can’t wait to see what the imaging community creates.”

The new COMPACT-SERVO 70-200mm Telephoto Zoom Lens is a 4K lens and features autofocus and optical image stabilization (with compatible camera models*), resulting in high-resolution imagery, with the ability to assist filmmakers in capturing the shot they envisioned. Compatible with EF-mount Super 35mm large-format cameras, the lens maintains brightness across the entire focal range at T4.4 (equal to f/4.0). The lens is also compatible with both the Canon EF 1.4x III (expanded focal range of 98-280mm) and EF 2x III (expanded focal range of 140mm-400mm) external extenders, expanding the focal range of the lens for additional versatility when the shooting situation calls for it.

For added convenience, cinematographers can control many of the features of the lens in a variety of ways through the EF-mount communication, including Dual Pixel CMOS AF, push auto iris, record start and stop and remote lens control via the camera with an optional remote control, compensation for chromatic aberration**and peripheral illumination, metadata acquisition, and selection of T-number display**.

The COMPACT-SERVO 70-200mm Telephoto Zoom Lens features a nine-blade iris aperture diaphragm to help give footage a truly artistic and beautiful look and feel, providing the much desired “bokeh” effect in the out-of-focus areas.

The lens comes equipped with a Servo Drive Unit, which provides seamless switching between servo and manual modes, allowing videographers motorized control of focus, zoom, and iris settings. The Servo Drive Unit is compatible with broadcast style industry-standard lens controllers including Canon’s ZSD-300D zoom demand and FPD-400D focus demand. Like the Canon COMPACT-SERVO 18-80mm Zoom Lens, the ZSG-C10 accessory grip will be compatible with the new COMPACT-SERVO 70-200mm Telephoto Zoom lens, further enhancing ease-of-use for ENG and “run-and-gun” style shooters. The grip connects to the lens through a 20-pin cable, allowing a variety of lens functions to be controlled from the grip, including zooming via a rocker switch, one-shot AF and the starting and stopping of a recording. When the lens and grip are being used with the EOS C100 Mark II, EOS C300 Mark II and EOS C700 Cinema Cameras, users will also have the ability to control the zoom and iris from the camera’s grip unit.

The Canon COMPACT-SERVO 70-200mm Zoom Lens is scheduled to be available later in 2017***. In addition, the ZSG-C10 accessory grip is currently available for an estimated retail price of $499. For more information please visit

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Sony introduce the A9…Price US $4500

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Sony Electronics, a worldwide leader in digital imaging and the world’s largest image sensor manufacturer, has today introduced their new revolutionary digital camera, the α9 (model ILCE-9).

The most technologically advanced, innovative digital camera that Sony has ever created, the new α9 offers a level of imaging performance that is simply unmatched by any camera ever created – mirrorless, SLR or otherwise.

The new camera offers many impressive capabilities that are simply not possible with a modern digital SLR camera including high-speed, blackout-free continuous shooting3 at up to 20fps4, 60 AF/AE tracking calculations per second 10, a maximum shutter speed of up to 1/32,000 second8 and much more. These are made possible thanks to its 35mm full-frame stacked Exmor RS™ CMOS sensor – the world’s first of its kind – which enables data speed processing at up to 20x faster than previous Sony full-frame mirrorless cameras11. This unique sensor is paired with a brand new, upgraded BIONZ X processing engine and front end LSI that maximizes overall performance.

This industry-leading speed and innovative silent shooting7 is combined with a focusing system that features an incredible 693 phase detection AF points. Covering approximately 93% of the frame, the focusing system ensures that even the fastest moving subjects are reliably captured and tracked across the frame.

The new α9 also features a vibration free, fully electronic, completely silent anti-distortion shutter7 with absolutely no mechanical mirror or shutter noise, making it an extremely powerful photographic tool for any shooting situation that demands quiet operation. To ensure maximum usability and reliability, the camera features a new Z battery with approximately 2.2x the capacity of W batteries, as well as dual SD media card slots, including one that supports UHS-II cards. An Ethernet port (wired LAN terminal) is available as well, and there is a wide variety of new settings, controls and customizability options that are essential for working pros.

“This camera breaks through all barriers and limitations of today’s professional digital cameras, with an overall feature set that simply cannot be matched considering the restrictions of mechanical SLR cameras” said Neal Manowitz, Vice President of Digital Imaging at Sony Electronics. “But what excites us most about the α9 – more than its extensive product specs – is that it allows professionals to see, follow and capture the action in ways that were never before possible, unlocking an endless amount of new creative potential.”

The new α9 is very capable as a video camera as well, as it offers 4K (3840x2160p) video recording across the full width of the full-frame image sensor15, 16. When shooting in this format, the camera uses full pixel readout without pixel binning to collect 6K of information, oversampling it to produce high quality 4K footage with exceptional detail and depth. Recording is also available in the popular Super 35mm size.

Additionally, the camera can record Full HD at 120 fps at up to 100 Mbps, which allows footage to be reviewed and eventually edited into 4x or 5x slow motion video files in Full HD resolution with AF tracking

Sony has released a variety of new accessories to compliment the new α9 camera, including:

  • NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Battery – high-capacity battery with approximately 2.2x the capacity of the NP-FW50 W-series battery. It also supports InfoLITHIUM® technology, making it possible to view the remaining battery power as both a percentage display and five step icon on the camera’s LCD screen.
  • VG-C3EM Vertical Grip – provides same operation, handling and design as theα9 camera, doubles battery life and allows USB battery-charging via the camera body.
  • NPA-MQZ1K Multi-Battery Adaptor Kit – External multi-battery adaptor kit capable of functioning as an external power supply for four Z series batteries and as a quick charger. Kit comes with two packs of NP-FZ100 rechargeable batteries.
  • GP-X1EM Grip Extension – Grip extender with same look, feel and design as α9 body. Enables more solid hold on camera.
  • FDA-EP18 Eyepiece Cup –eye piece cup with locking mechanism
  • BC-QZ1 Battery Charger –quick-charging battery charger. Charges one new Z series battery in approximately 2.5 hours.
  • PCKLG1 Screen Protect Glass Sheet – hard, shatterproof glass screen protector with anti-stain coating to prevent fingerprints. Compatible with touch operation and tilting LCD screen

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New Manfrotto Video Head…nitrotech n8 £450

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The NITROTECH N8 fluid video head features state-of-the-art technology consisting in a Nitrogen piston mechanism that allows continuous counterbalance systemthat enables precise control of a camera and accessories up to 8 Kg @ 55mm C.O.G.. The variable fluidity function on both pan and tilt allows smooth, judder-free movement. It also features a 3/8” Easy Link equipped with an anti-rotation function that enables an external monitor or other accessories to be fitted. The sliding plateattachment side-lock mechanism allows safe, quick and easy camera attachment. The NITROTECH head has a flat base mount with a standard 3/8” thread that is highly versatile for different support combinations (tripod, slider, jib or crane).
Nitrotech N8 Fluid Video Head With Continuous CBS
  • Fluid video head with continuous counterbalance system (0-8 Kg)
  • Variable fluid pan & tilt drag system
  • Side lock plate attachment
  • 3/8” easy link connector for accessories, with anti-rotation
  • Flat base mount ideal for various applications


Manfrotto Notrotech N8 from Philip Johnston on Vimeo.

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