First side by side review of the new Panasonic EVA-1 with production firmware

Carl “We have an up-to-date, ready to go model, and first things first; we head out to inspect the image quality. Firstly trying out the various Gamma profiles. EVA has 5 different profiles that they call “Scene files” 1-5 and then of course V-Log. After a quick check for rolling shutter – Barely noticeable, but there in small amounts at […]

Viral Video Thirds from Idustrial Revolution $39

XEffects Viral Video Thirds is a set of titles, effects and transitions for Final Cut Pro X that combine to make compelling and eyecatching videos. Big, bold and colourful with lots of movement, this set of 35 plugins is perfectly ‘on trend’ for many uses from broadcast productions to social media posts. Split media up into vertical or horizontal sections, […]

New Sony HXC-FB80 4K and HDR ready studio camcorder

Sony is introducing an accessible camera system for 4K and HDR-ready studio and live production with the combination of the latest HXC-FB80 portable camera and HXCU-FB80 camera control unit (CCU). Based on a 3G-SDI platform with 1080/50p capabilities, the new system is well-suited for live production applications (studios, education, events), where production professionals need a high-quality HD solution with a […]

GH5 2.1 software update fix…as highlighted on HD Warrior

A few bug fixes following a major bug spotted on V2.0 firmware. Highlighted on HD Warrior with the camera shutting down after scrolling through the Display button. Panasonic “Following bugs were found after updating the firmware to Ver.2.0 but now they have been fixed. [Power Save LVF Shooting] was automatically set to [1 sec].(This makes the camera go into sleep […]

Aputure 300d LED light $1,100…Stunning TLCI of over 96

The Aputure LS C300d is the biggest and brightest light we’ve ever made. Winner of several awards (including Best Lighting Product at NAB), the LS C300d is a game changing COB light, boasting extremely powerful output, an advanced cooling system, portable build, and a TLCI rating of over 96. The LS C300d is the brightest LED light in the Light […]

Why not produce an EVF for EVA…Panasonic ?

This EVF will set you back £5000, £2.6K less than the EVA-1 yet its made exclusively by Panasonic for the Varicam camcorder. Its not rocket science that the same team of designers could produce a downmarket version for EVA costing about £1.5K. As a cameraman I get so hacked off at the lack of thought that video manufacturers give to […]

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