New firmware for the Panasonic S1 v1.1

A new firmware has been sent out for the Panasonic S1 Improvements include Improvement of accuracy in exposure during burst shooting. Improvement of accuracy in flash sync performance. Dont fall into the trap of including all the folders in the SD card or you will not be able to start the update. You can get the FW here…

The Panasonic S1 so far (FW v1.0) with response from Panasonic

The first niggle is the way Panasonic have “redesigned” the way this camera opens the card door with a new lock lever. Its very unintuitive in its action and can be a pain to get your cards in and out compared to a GH5. Panasonic “Regarding your point around the lock lever on the card door, this was redesigned further […]

Finally a good news Drone Story

After the Gatwick fiasco we get a good news drone story about the help DJI drones helped to contain the fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral fire in Paris recently. The firefighters are using a large screen monitor to view the footage.The DJI Matrice 210 Professional Drone is a rugged, durable quadcopter ideal for a multitude of applications, in an […]

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