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Carl Zeiss will present two new mounts for the Compact Prime CP.2 lenses: the E mount and the MFT mount. The MFT mount is particularly suitable for the new corresponding professional camcorders, while the brand-new E mount is perfect for the new Sony cameras like the FS100 Super 35 mm NXCAM camcorder. The MFT mount has only just become available during March 2011 and will be a cracking addition to the Panasonic AF101 with it’s large 4/3″ sensor.

The new E mount is expected to be available beginning in June. Exactly a year ago, Carl Zeiss introduced the Compact Prime CP.2 series during the NAB Show in Las Vegas. They are the first lenses with interchangeable mount developed specially for filming with HDSLR cameras. Since then, there has been significant demand for these lenses among cinematographers and still photographers. Carl Zeiss is now adding a new chapter to its Compact Prime CP.2 success story.

“With these new mounts, we respond to many of our customers’ wishes asking to use the lenses on these new HD video cameras,” said Holger Sehr, Product Manager for Cinematography lenses at Carl Zeiss AG, Camera Lens Division. “Thanks to the interchangeable mounts, now for five different camera systems — PL, EF, MFT, F and E mount — our Compact Prime CP.2 lenses deliver superb flexibility, can be used in many different market segments, and are attractive for both end-customers and rental houses.”

With the interchangeable mount and the 24×36 mm full-format image circle illumination, these latest members of Carl Zeiss compact lens family are extremely versatile. During the NAB Show, Carl Zeiss will present all nine fixed focal lengths of Compact Prime CP.2 series from 18 to 100 mm, which thanks to the new mounts can be used for a wide range of cameras — from SLR to professional camcorders through to professional cine and television film cameras. Moreover, the Compact Prime CP.2 lenses are highly compact with a robust construction, so that they can withstand any demand of cinematographers and photographers on the set.

If you have the need to purchase a set of Compact Prime CP.2 lenses our friends at CVP can offer you a set of 5 for only £11,199 plus 20% vat. The only problem with this news is that it’s fine if you are going to stick with a micro Four Thirds camera but if my experience with video cameras is anything to go by there is a good chance the next camera I own won’t have a micro Four Thirds (mFT) mount on it.

At the price point of these lenses I think you would be safer to buy a PL mount which would give you far more options if you decide to leave the mFT mount after all the first four large sensor camera’s…eg. Sony VG10, Panasonic AF101, Sony PMW-F3 and the Sony NEX-FS100 all have PL to E, F3 and mFT making the PL mount the most versatile of all choices.



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