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The PVM-740 is a new type of 7.4-inch* high-resolution (960 x 540 pixel) portable monitor which incorporates an Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display panel with Sony’s unique Super Top EmissionTM technology.
Thanks to the nature of the OLED display panel and Sony’s Super Top Emission technology, the PVM-740 offers outstanding high-contrast images – for example, the deep black of a night scene can be accurately displayed and the black portion of an image is not raised even in a low-illumination edit suite. As the black color is deep, peak brightness becomes higher and can brilliantly express sparkling town lights and stars in the night sky. On the other hand, the high-contrast, low-reflection capabilities of the PVM-740 achieve monitoring in bright sunlight of delicate, clearer images during outside broadcasting and field production – performance that is difficult to achieve with CRTs and LCDs.
Incorporating a 10-bit panel driver, Sony’s Super Top Emission OLED display panel creates lifelike and smoother-than-ever gradation from dark to bright portions of a scene, such as in a sunrise or sunset. Also, an excellent blur-free quick response to fast motion benefits a variety of applications and scenes, e.g., sports broadcasting, monitoring of camera panning, and text scrolling.
In addition to the high-purity deep color reproduction characteristics inherent in Sony’s Super Top Emission OLED display panel, two other elements – Sony’s 10-bit panel driver and ChromaTRU technologies – work effectively to emulate the colors and gammas of CRT monitors, and to support broadcast standards (SMPTE-C, EBU, and ITU-R BT.709).
Incorporating a compact, lightweight, and robust aluminum die-cast body, the PVM-740 suits many different indoor and outdoor applications. The PVM-740 is equipped with standard interface connectors – a composite video, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, and HDMI – which accept a variety of video signal formats from PAL/NTSC up to 1080/50p and 60p.
The attraction of the PVM-740 goes beyond these qualities to also include much smarter and more convenient features and functions: DC/AC operation, a convenient control panel with luminous and assignable buttons, a camera focus function, a wave form monitor and an 8-channel audio level meter, a variety of marker setting, a native scan, and a flip function.
This PVM-740 is ideal for a wide range of professional monitoring applications including use in an editing studio, outside broadcast, acquisition, field production, and even research and development.

Sony’s New PVM-740 Organic LED from Abel Cine Tech on Vimeo.


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