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Just when Panasonic and Sony were feeling good about themselves 3 large sensor cameras within the last six months between them…Canon decide to join the party.

This is a Super 35mm format which is not a 5DMk11 sensor but a smaller motion sensor fit for moire…no ailasing. Sadly for Sony and Panasonic this camcorder brakes the mould with the ability to film from 6MBs up to 50MBs plus an payed upgrade to allow 150Mbs.

Like it’s sister camcorder the XF305 this camcorder will be 4:2:2 with a new engine running at 12bit. The best news is the EOS mount with access to the full range of EOS ‘L’ lenses and a future adapter will allow you to fit special Canon HD zoom lenses, there isn’t a zoom control on the camera but Canon are producing a zoom control for the tripod handle that will attach straight onto the zoom lens itself with power being accessed by the adapter.

There is a special pin on the ‘L’ mount that does not appear on the cheaper Canon glass, this was added about 5 years ago with future proofing in mind so once again if you attach the non ‘L’ Canon glass to the camcorder it won’t power up. Canon’s theory is sound by keeping the best glass on the camera you are always guaranteed the best pictures.

One point about the EOS mount is that due to it’s power connections Canon are only making one other dedicated adapter and thats for PL lenses, Canon do not envisage any work around by third party adapter manufacturers to utilise this mount ie. Nikon glass etc. The camera will not power on unless it sees an EOS lens or the special PL adapter.

This is a bit of a shame in my opinion but if you have Compact Primes CP.2 or Canon ‘L’ glass then your laughing, there is a tentative price of €8,500 euros. The embargo (Not to be shown till the 1st of April) has now been lifted and I can now show you the camcorder itself.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

11 thoughts on “Canon 35mm NAB 2011 Show-stopper

  1. Everything was perfect in this camera until I read the Price €8,500 🙁 (almost same price as a F3 in the US or Two AF100 with a nanoflash Each)

    I remember to read somewhere if canon want to use an EF lens mont would make very difficult the use of PL lens in the same body

  2. ahhhhhhhh what day is it again.had me for a while though, the price was out of line.

  3. Nice to see Canon maintaining their XHA1 look, however it’s interesting to note this jostling for position by Canon, Sony and Panasonic with a 35mm sensor camera, whilst RED continue the vague updates on an ‘affordable’ 4K camera.

    The awkward part of this scenario is that the big players are only responding to customer trends and perhaps thinking more about the money they’ll make, instead of coming out with a truly remarkable camera which will demonstrate some longevity (eg.) Panavision or Arri film cameras.

    Innovation is an important part of any type of technology, but all I can see here is the apportioning of measured amounts to the consumer, just enough to encourage them to buy something new every 12 to 24 months; 5DMkII, AF101, NEX, RED, F3…. I want to purchase an affordable camera which produces film (or near) film quality. If such a camera is produced, then film would quickly become irrelevant and the playing field would be purely in digital cameras. At that stage we wouldn’t be worried about trying to make a ‘film like’ image anymore. We’d finally have it. Then the battle could be left to those who crave a better and better digital image. At that stage I would comfortably bow out.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. I’m still considering an F3 because I figure it’s the closest so far, but what if I wait for another 12 months….

  4. Do you feel fooled ?…. well, with political correctness and all the other mad things happening in the world, April Fools Day makes it all the more difficult to seperate what’s genuine and what’s not….. not so long ago advertising a Canon stills camera that takes hd video footage would have been a real good laugh for Aprils Fools Day…. maybe taking a photo, putting it on a laptop, sending it to the other side of the world in a split second would have got a real good rib breaking laugh….. anyway, thank goodness it has gone midday ‘cos I was just about to say…. have you seen the latest Canon 5d mark 3, 40 megapixels, has a qwerty keyboard on the lcd display and can connect to the internet… and all for £1200……. okay,… so you were not fooled by the price, let’s see what this year brings…..

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