Sony make XDCAM EX sample files available for download

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XDCAM EX – New generation HD Recording System

To allow potential customers to experience the exceptional video quality and ease of editing with XDCAM EX content, we’ve asked some leading freelance cameramen to provide us with sample footage which is freely available to download from a Sony ftp server. This footage is in its native MP4 format – taken directly from the camera with no post-production or other processing. 

If you’d shot this footage yourself, you could transfer it from the camcorder to your PC or Mac using free Sony software (see links on the right of this page). 

To download the sample footage, click on the below link. If you’re already logged in on, you will be taken to our Terms & Conditions for using the clips and, if you agree with these, you’ll be able to download the clips directly. If you haven’t yet registered with, you will be prompted to do so.

Download XDCAM EX clips (registration required)


Important information

All XDCAM EX clips are made available for testing purposes only and cannot be reused for any commercial purposes whatsoever.

“Sony are so switched on unlike other camera manufacturers who were emailed twice by myself to make files available for download. It’s a great way of determining if your NLE is up to scratch and allows the end user to evaluate the picture quality before buying a camcorder…well done Sony.”

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