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Today sees the last of the filming for the AF101 Video Review, I decided to film my Aunt Isabel making a chicken stirfry who kindly put up with the all the production hassle. Once again I am using my trusty heat free 5600K LED lights, there is a window facing Isabel so I decided on a 1000W bounce (behind my head) a 500W from the front, side and a backlight plus one LED on the camera itself.

The camera LED (Ianiro Minima 50W) has a home made diffuser using velcro to dampen the intensity of the LEDs, only today I noticed how heavy the camera light is on batteries as I had to use 2 sets of 6 AA Duracell’s I would prefer the option to use a Sony Li-ion battery with this light.  I was using my trusty Sony 740 field monitor just to make sure my white balances were spot on.

Two items of kit I will bring to your attention, firstly the Rycote mini jammer which is not only practical but looks the business as well, secondly the Manfrotto Hydrostatic arm used to hold the LED light in place, I love this arm as you have the ability to position the LED light from the right, left or the middle depending on what you are filming.

My lad, Scott was also filming with a Sony 550 (MC50 without the pro badge and the decent mic) for behind the scene footage, this should be a nice informative section for the AF101 Video Review.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “Last days filming for the AF101 Video Review

  1. Is that the CX550 on the kitchen unit in the first picture? If so, could you tell us what mic & lens hood you’ve got on it?


  2. The mic is an ECM-HGZ1 and the lens hood is off an older SLR lens hood I had kicking about. PS. The mic is very shallow, more treble than I would like.

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