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Sony update their information from a PXW-X70 product specialist in Japan…

So there are two ways to control X70:

  1. Wi-Fi remote (using the Content Browser Mobile)
  2. Multi/Micro USB jack

-LANC remote controllers cannot be used. Remote controllers such as the ”RM-VPR1” and  “VCT-VPR100”(attached to a tripod) can be used. Multi/Micro USB to AV/R “VMC-AVM1” can also be used.

The Sony RM-VPR1 works with the PXW-X70 and has the following functionality…Start/Stop, variable zoom and power on and off. Not as good in my opinion as a Manfrotto zoom controller but having a variable zoom switch is a bonus I was not expecting. It comes with a clip to allow it to sit on a tripod handle but the regular video handle as used on the Manfrotto 505HD is too thick, a couple of tie wraps do the trick.



It’s official there is no hidden or otherwise LANC control for the PXW-X70 camcorder, you can use the supplied RMT-845 which is very useful for reviewing shots but not as practical as a wired zoom controller.


Last week was my first chance to use the X70 in anger and the pictures are fantastic to be honest I did not miss the zoom control and if I needed some kind of control during an interview I could use the small remote pictured above.

I think companies like Sony put so much effort into making a wee camera like the X70 professional that they forget the simple things like a LANC control but the picture quality certainly outweighs any misgivings I have over the lack of remote zoom control.


Having ND filters really sets this camera apart from the likes of the NX70 and NX30 also having a second card slot is a major bonus, one user comment the ND filter switch is behind the camera and would benefit from a yellow background like the AUTO/MANUAL switch above it.

You can only choose between SDI or HDMI or Video out of the camera so if you choose SDI the HDMI O/P is disabled.


The MENU switch is in the wrong position once the LCD is retracted its a pain to get to quickly.


Be aware that you will find yourself using the wrong switch during recording, I am so used to a round rec button I find myself trying to use the wee joystick to stop a recording but thats just a minor detail.



Jill pic timeline web

Click this picture Sony XAVC to see the Full HD 1920 X 1080


Click this picture Sony AVCHD to see the Full HD 1920 X 1080

I kid you not you will film your first interview with the X70 and sit in complete amazement at the sheer quality of pictures the XAVC codec delivers, I keep banging on about this wee cameras output but please be assured Sony have delivered a true jaw dropping picture out of a camcorder that most seasoned professionals would sneer at…till they saw the pictures !



Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

56 thoughts on “Sony PXW-X70 Update on Lanc control and user info (Updated with new remote & AVCHD still)

  1. I finally got the PXW-X70 and my Acebil AV/R zoom controller works perfectly with the Sony VMC AVM1 cable adapter. Smooth super slow zooms, buttery ramp ups, this is working very well, and a one cable adapter solution.

  2. Have x70 brought cheap sony tripod about £60 that came with sony controller and adapted to fit Manfrotto tripod
    you have to get adapter lead to fit cam to lanc

  3. do you know how long can be the cable from remote control to camera? i need 30 yards cable. thank you for answer.

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