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BeOnAIR from AVIWEST is a complete IP based live streaming system. The BeOnAIR package includes an AIR220 bonded cellular encoder, a MoJo app for your smart device and a cloud-hosted AVIWEST StreamHub platform with administrator and guest accounts.

The ruggedised AIR220 encoder features two internal 4G modems with high-efficiency custom antenna arrays. Two USB sockets, built-in wifi and an ethernet port, allowing bonding of up to six internet connections.

The AIR220 uses the AVIWEST SST protocol which ensures the delivery of live video even in the most unpredictable network conditions. AIR series units are used by broadcast news and sports crews on a daily basis all over the world.

Not just another live streaming encoder…

Utilising the power of StreamHub Cloud the BeOnAIR is a true hybrid system that can stream to web destinations, to broadcasters and can also operate as a store and forward system.

BeOnAIR can transmit stunning HD quality video at a data rate of up to 20Mbps. Low quality but usable video can also be sent at data rates as low as 200Kbps thanks to adaptive resolution technology and a cloud-based video encoder. Unlike other systems where audio is often overlooked the BeOnAIR can encode audio at data rates between 32 and 256Kbps.

A combination of the advanced SST transport protocol, custom modem antennas and combined internet connections ensures reliable transmission of encoded video to the StreamHub cloud service with selectable latency as low as 800ms.

StreamHub cloud can be configured to simulcast (simultaneous broadcast) your video to a total of five destinations. For example, these could be Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo or any RTMP, SRT or other popular IP destination.

As well as streaming to web destinations you can utilise one or more of your five outputs to send your SST stream to a broadcaster with a physical or cloud StreamHub transceiver. If you are working with a broadcaster who doesn’t have a StreamHub you can also quickly and easily configure an RTMP pull link which enables simple, low-latency playback on any computer.

As well as working as a streaming encoder to web and broadcast destinations BeOnAIR has a SD card slot allowing local recording of video. Recording configuration can be changed from the front LCD panel of the AIR220 unit or remotely via the StreamHub.

Recorded files can be quickly uploaded by the bonded connection to the StreamHub file explorer via the store and forward interface. A package edited on a laptop saved to the SD card can be inserted into the BeOnAIR unit and received in the cloud. A guest login allows your client to access your StreamHub Cloud and download rushes or edited content whilst not allowing them vital access to your admin profile.

Compatible prerecorded content hosted on the StreamHub Cloud can be set as a video input, allowing you to go live to web or broadcast when you are no longer in the field.

MoJoPro is a simple to use iOS and Android application that can be downloaded to a smart phone or tablet allowing anyone to quickly or discretely go live from the field. Harnessing the power and flexibility of StreamHub Cloud the MoJoPro app can simply be installed on multiple devices without the need for a license or technical expertise.

Operating like a native video application MoJoPro offers straightforward live streaming and store and forward functionality. Using the smart device with both its internal data and wifi or a cellular wifi hotspot allows MoJoPro to create a bonded connection to further increase resilience. Whilst you can install MoJoPro on any number of devices the StreamHub Cloud will only receive one instance at any time.

BeOnAIR from AVIWEST is simple to set up and operate yet allows advanced users greater configuration and options. It is a live video web streaming encoder, a broadcast transmitter, a powerful store and forward device and through the MoJoPro app allows you to go live wherever and whenever you want. BeOnAIR is an affordable tool that enables professional video creators to share their content with the world.

About the Author…Simon Beer is a freelance camera operator, Sony FX6 + A7S III.
Live video for web and broadcast via #AVIWEST
Producing videos for small to medium businesses
Single and multicamera live stream
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Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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