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DJI has launched a new type of FPV drone. A hybrid of a traditional first-person-view immersive flight experience from a traditional rig and a cinematic camera drone, their latest release also offers GPS, obstacle avoidance sensors, the ability to hover in place, brake in an emergency, and return home. An ADS-B receiver system is also included to alert pilots of manned aircraft nearby. The DJI FPV drone is ready to fly out of the box.

‘DJI has been redefining what drones can do since our company began in 2006, and as we celebrate our 15-year anniversary this year, we honor that heritage of innovation by redefining what drone flight can be with DJI FPV,’ said Ferdinand Wolf, Creative Director, DJI Europe. ‘Right out of the box, DJI FPV combines the best available technology for a hybrid drone like no other. It can fly like a racer, hover like a traditional drone, accelerate like a homebuilt project and stop faster than any of them. DJI FPV lets the world experience the absolute thrill of immersive drone flight without being intimidated by the technology or spending hours building a system from scratch. We can’t wait for the world to try it.’

A camera with a 1/2.3″ 12MP sensor with a 150º Field of View (FOV) is mounted on a 1-axis gimbal. It is capable of capturing up to 4K/60p or 1080p/120p, for 4X slow motion, footage at 120 Mbps. Both still and video clips can be captured in the same flight. DJI uses RockSteady electronic image stabilization to prevent a shutter rolling effect when the drone flies at high speeds.


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