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I was interviewing my mother today and using my Osmo Action camera as a wide cutaway shot at 4K50p. After 35m it lost WiFi and then shutdown. I had installed the latest firmware 10.00.04 before filming.

I assumed at first I had run out of battery power, strange as I had charged all 4 batteries the day before. I replaced the battery and hey presto after 35m the WiFi cuts out and the camera is red hot.

My studio sits at 24.8ºC and that’s with my iMac switched on the body of the Osmo Action reaches a temperature of 55.2ºC which is rather dangerous in my books. You can literally burn your fingers by touching the lens.

I can’t understand why DJI have not yet addressed this serious fault in the Osmo Action. I only used mine after a year in hibernation due to Lockdown. It will be frying the electronics and in my opinion makes the camera useless in 4K 50P beyond 35m.

DJI…Hi, HD Warrior. Thanks for reaching out! It is inevitable that the camera emits heat when dealing with such a large amount of data in a short time especially when shooting high-resolution and high-framerate video.  If it reaches the ceiling temperature, it will turn off itself to avoid scalding. As already been mentioned by Fishycomics, you can adjust the Temperature Threshold but please be advised that the extended shooting time would depend on the combined factors of shooting resolution, ambient temperature, and the Osmo Action’s current temperature. 

UPDATE…I ran the Osmo Action for one hour this morning on 1080 50P and it only reached a temperature of 42.2ºC with a full battery reaching less than 10% battery left.

DJI Osmo Action runs for 30m @ 4K 50P or 60m @ 1080 50P from a fully charged battery.

I do wish companies would be honest with customers and stop letting them find out the hard way. Why should this “ACTION CAMERA” stop filming after 30m at 4K 50P when the competition in this market place is getting a lot stronger, though due to their own inbuilt technical problems I am not a big fan of GoPro either.

Update. CemAygun “I believe it is more of a manufacturing/quality control problem than a design one, so not all Osmo Actions are like that. I have used my OA many times to record over 40 minutes of non stop 4K60 videos, on  a tripod (minimum airflow). And that is in a tropical climate. Never had a heat related shutdown. The lens cover gets disturbingly hot, but I guess there is an effective heath path resulting in below threshold temperatures at the processor. Some people seem to have heat related problems within minutes with their units…”

HDW…Interesting so there are rogue Osmo Actions out there, why does DJI not recall these rogue units and replace them with working units.


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