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We just got my dad a Visolux Digital HD Magnifier which does help him read the “Racing Post” but he has only got peripheral vision in one eye due to some catastrophic eye conditions over the last two years.

Scientifically speaking, peripheral vision is that element of overall vision which occurs outside the center of the gaze. When you speak of seeing something “out of the corner of my eye,” you are referring to peripheral vision. There are some facts about peripheral vision that are not commonly known and pretty cool:

  • Athletes undergo sports vision training that includes improving peripheral vision. Very few people are born with perfect sight, and peripheral vision is important. Athletes are trained to be aware of their periphery and notice actions that are not occurring directly in front of them.
  • Non-athletes can also improve referral awareness with eye exercises.
  • Peripheral vision is a safety issue. It allows us to see objects coming from the side, helping to prevent side impact crashes, and avoid that ball coming (literally) out of left field.
  • Peripheral vision allows us to see better at night.
  • The peripheral vision of a horse is better than that of a human being. However, because the horse’s eyes point to the sides, there is a blind spot of vision right ahead of their noses.
  • Peripheral vision is practically all in black and white, and has a very low resolution. You don’t really notice the difference because the motion of the eye will compensate.
  • Peripheral vision can help with speed reading. Most people read with their central focus, and that prevents them from seeing up to 50% of the words in the text.

My thoughts can anyone think of a way of bending the light to allow him to “see” more in the peripheral part of his eye. Most of you who read this blog have an interest in lenses though some of you are experts, I hope someone reading this can help my father by coming up with an idea or knows of a gadget that could revolutionise his sight.

This is me and my dad during 2014 only three years ago when he had good sight in both eyes. Its very sad to see just how much my father can’t see after many years of very good sight.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

4 thoughts on “Can you help my dad…Peripheral Vision in one eye is the only sight he has left

  1. Great picture. He looks like a very kind person. Hope you can have some good times together as he gets older and wiser. Best to you both

  2. Rock Clumbers sometimes wear glasses with prisms in them so they can watch the person above them without having to bend their necks. Now about a modified version of that? For example

  3. My dad has suffered from Stargardt disease his entire life and his vision is largely restricted to his peripherals. I do not have the technical expertise to offer an optics based solution, but he has had success using the program ZoomText to operate computers for years (he is the owner/operator of a business that he has had going strong since the mid 80s). He also uses an overhead viewer, iPhone accessibility, and various technology given to him by a foundation for the blind. He is very self sufficient, although that is mainly due to the “benefit” that this is a lifelong condition to which he has been able to adapt and overcome even as his remaining sight deteriorates as he ages. I don’t know if these solutions are helpful or not, but I thought I should offer my input as they share a common condition.

  4. I can´t help you, but, like Steve, hope you can have some good times together, and wish the best for your whole family.

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