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Physician Gary Slutkin spent a decade fighting tuberculosis, cholera and HIV/Aids epidemics in Africa.

When he returned to the United States, he thought he had escaped brutal epidemic deaths.


But then he began to look more carefully at gun violence, noting that its spread followed the patterns of infectious diseases.

Slutkin’s theory is revolutionary because it is among the first to treat gun violence not as a moral or political problem, but as a medical issue to be solved using scientific methods.

Join Dr Slutkin in Chicago to meet the “violence interrupters” – many of whom are reformed criminals – working to end gun violence on their streets.

Cure V

Jonathan Richards (above left) DOP “My latest AlJazeera film is now being broadcast this week on Freeview 132. Not awfully helpful UK times, so feel free to take a look online here. It’s only 10 minutes long so it’s an easy watch. It’s about one doctors’ idea on how to ‘cure’ gun violence. It’s based in Chicago, the old stamping ground of AlCapone and still a hot bed of gang violence. Hope you like it ? ”

“I must also pay tribute and offer thanks to Caroline Radnofsky and Mark Kensett for their help in the making of this film. Mark as Camera 2 and Photographer and Caroline as producer.”

During his stay in Chicago Jonathan met up with Colin Hinkle from Soaring Badger Productions, a full service production company located in Chicago, Illinois. They provide ground and aerial video throughout Chicago, the United States and the world. Specializing in aerial drone videos where they can create a bird’s-eye view of any location upon the request of a client.



Colin got special permission from the mayor of Chicago to fly his Inspire drone over the buildings and has some fantastic stock footage as used by Jonathan in the video about “treating violence”. Soaring Badger Productions was the first FAA exempt Chicago based drone production company and now the only company allowed to film on closed sets for movies and television in Illinois.


The film was shot mainly using his new Sony PXW-FS5 as seen above. Below is Jonathan’s 10m documentary, well worth a watch.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

3 thoughts on “Treating gun violence as an infectious disease

  1. Gun violence in the streets—a disease. NONSENSE. In 99.9999999% of the case gun violence is used as a means not an end. The problem is something else and guns are used as a convenient means to accomplish that something else, just as a baseball player commonly uses a bat to hit a ball. He doesn’t just go about swinging a bat for its own sake.

    Here we have another scientific determinist coming up with his own version of A Clockwork Orange.

    Good luck with that.

  2. Special permission from the mayor to fly over the city? Oh good, hope the FAA doesn’t see it and fine him.

    HDW : Soaring Badger Productions was the first FAA exempt Chicago based drone production company and now the only company allowed to film on closed sets for movies and television in Illinois.

  3. I’m seeing moire and aliasing. Is the from the FS5 or from delivery format?

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