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Z Review v5

DJI must have been getting some complaints from Osmo users about the bumpy pictures especially from a walking point of view so for an extra £110 you can add the Z-Axis making it a smooth as steadycam.

Z axis 2 copy3

Battery power is limiting but I have three in my kit which is more than I ever need in a days shoot, remembering you don’t use the Oslo constantly during a shoot.

Osmo plus scott bigger

People complain about the sound from the Osmo which is fine as long as you take it away from the Osmo itself i.e. Via a radio mic. Watch my edited review on the JVC-LS300 Firmware update to see the Osmo used with a radio mic (Rt 3.25s). You can also see how the Osmo worked before the Z -Axis was installed.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

4 thoughts on “Micro Review of the new Z-Axis for the DJI Osmo

  1. One question about the first video. Are you doing a comparison between the Osmo with the Z-Axis and without it? I can still see the bouncing effect.

    HDW : Yes the OSMO did a fine job even before the Z Axis was introduced.

  2. Thanks for publishing this review Philip. I think the improvement is well worth the price of the z-axis arm, even though it’s only in some situations that one would need it.
    I approve of your models, although I wish my grandson would smile as much as your dogs!

  3. not impressed. As per your first commenter Still looks very bumpy to me. at :14 you can see it bobbing up and down a lot so I can’t see what difference this makes?

  4. Hi Phillip just bought the Z Axis for my X5 setup, will take a bit of getting used to but defiantly something for certain situations rather than a ‘have on all the time’ bit of kit. What’s your rig setup in this pic? Can see an extra handle and looks like an iPad mini – how do you find it with 2 hands – any easier? I’ve also picked up the follow focus unit so not sure how that would all work in a 2 handed rig – but very interested to find out!

    Cheers Nick

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