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Sony X70 UK v USA

It has been brought to my attention the price difference between the Sony USA price for the 4K upgrade licence for the Sony PXW-X70 and the outrageous UK price for the exact same paperwork.

You could in theory get a friend to buy the USA paperwork and email the contents over to you saving you a massive £273.

Sony-pxwx70 v2

As usual Sony Broadcast can’t give any reason for the discrepancy but its in my opinion a disgrace that once again UK professionals get the raw end of a bad deal that should never have been £446 for 60mbps 4K upgrade, for a camera that was brought to market too soon. It took a year to bring out the 4K upgrade that comes FREE with the 100mbps domestic version of the same camera.



Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

13 thoughts on “USA 4K upgrade price £173 ?…. £273 dearer in the UK for the same paperwork !!!

  1. I know it’s a rip off. If you put the pressure on a dealer in Oz you will get the upgrade for about AU$700.00 down from a list price of AU$797. This equates to about 359 Stirling which is still way above the US price of US$250.00. In AU$$$s we pay the equivalent of US$522.00. A total outrage at over double the US price of US$250.00 bucks. My advice buy it from BH Photo for $250.00.

  2. Not sure why you guys in the UK don’t just do what we in Africa have been doing for years . . . buy it from BH Photo Video in New York instead?

    Unless it’s a US specific purchase – which does happen with some items.

  3. I’ve just placed an order with B+H (Adorama have them too but with higher shipping cos
    ts) Even with the shipping cost and maybe the duty in Thailand it’s still going to save me a lot of money

  4. Thank you, very interesting.I had reluctantly decided not to upgrade my PXW-X70 to 4k. Instead, when I record in 4k I use my GH4 or DVX200 and of course my little Osmo. I seem to be drifting away from Sony, pity.

  5. This difference is a rip off, sure, but the upgrade is really worth buying!! I use this for one year now and even with “only” 60Mbps Long-GOP the quality is really great!!
    And no, it’s not the same coded as in the AX100 since that is XAVC-S Short-GOP.
    FHD on the X70 always looks like defocused in contrast to the UHD results and don’t forget that many people even rate the FHD quality very high

  6. I instituted a never-buy policy with regard to Sony a while ago, for both professional and domestic products, and have not looked back. I’m the customer, it’s my money and choice and there are always alternatives.

  7. I ordered the upgrade from B+H and it is due in Thailand on 21st. I asked B+H if it would work on a camera bought in Singapore (It was not available in Thailand) They said no, but the Sony Asia site redirect you to a US site if you want to buy the upgrade and charge $499. Sony Germany say it will work. We will find out next week.

    HDW : A friend of mine also bought it from B+H from USA and it worked fine on a UK camcorder.

  8. I live in Germany and was wondering the same thing. Has anybody bought the upgrade at B&H and successfully installed it on a X70 bought in Germany?

  9. Got mine from B+H, all went well with ECSpert but my camera couldn’t find the key, I spent 2 hours on email last night but could not gt it fixed. Took i it into Sony Chiang Mai today, they spent hours on the phone to Sony in Bangkok and fixed it, but they charged me 2659 Baht ( £53) So £199 from B+H including shipping, £40 to Thailand and £53 to get it fixed. £292 in total. Best way is ,if you have a friend in the US get him to copy/ photo the purchase key, faster and will save around £63, but be prepared for some hassle

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