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4 weeks later just a wee update, I am enjoying my dog walking again, not too far.


The tee shirt is is only to stay up to date with the times, not participating in any sport. My legs are not back to normal but many of my close friends say my voice has improved greatly. Still doing next to nothing but will continue the blog as I enjoy the blog and its not taxing unless I do it in the small hours but that won’t happen again. Thanks for all your best wishes and hope to get back to normal ASAP. I must thank my wife Susan who has been fantastic, my 2 boys Paul and Scott, my mother and father, my sister Martine and her husband Willie, my Aunt Isabel and Nancy.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

22 thoughts on “Me and the dogs, today (Update)

  1. what a joy to see you smiling, my friend. Take it easy, easy. easy now. Be strong!
    all my best

  2. Hi Philip

    Glad to see you out and about. I really appreciate the work you produce on your website and I wish you a full recovery.

    Best wishes
    Matthew Dalziel

  3. I am very pleased to see your good progress.51 weeks ago tonight I had a ministroke and recovered well too, thankfully.

  4. Good one. Keep up that walking even if you have to get a treadmill when winter sets in. I know Scottish weather can get pretty bad. Done a fair bit of shooting up there some years back.
    Good health to you. The dog will help for sure!

  5. We met at bve 2 years ago and had some picture togheter i follow tour blog everyday have a speedy
    Recovery all d best

  6. There is no better therapy than a good dog walk… I walk two terriers every day… Angus & Towser. Very good to see that you are on the mend.

  7. Keep on keeping on, Phil! Wishing you a rapid recovery and return to form. When you say your voice is improving, do you still have that funny accent? 😉

  8. Happy to see you up and running, Phil. Please be aware that strokes could be very nasty, I had an ischemic stroke in the cerebellum in September 2012, and still don’t feel stable on my feet, and my speech is muddy, as if I am permanently drunk. Hope you’ll be luckier.
    All the best – Dimi

  9. Great to see you on your feet and that you are making such progress.

  10. Enjoy the spring weather. Across the Atlantic, I remain in appreciation of all that you do and offer my Best Wishes.

  11. Good to hear that you making progress. Best wishes from Wales.

  12. Philip! First time commenting on HD Warrior, but this is also the first I read that you were ill. I’ve been enjoying your video reviews and write-ups for some time and to learn you’ve had a stroke just shocked me. I’m so glad to know that you’re doing well. Thanks very much for the update on your progress. I appreciate all the work you do and it will be a pleasure to see you have a safe and healthy return to our field. Stay strong and take care, sir! Best wishes from Texas.

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