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MAY 2015…


I am also focusing on my video reviews of this year starting with the JVC GY-LS300.

June 2015…

NX100-June 2015

During June Sony brought out a further camcorder the HXR-NX100, I have often wondered what dictates the first 3 letters on a Sony camcorder but I am told by Mr Z Test its the codec.


During June we also ran this advert for ourselves and a week later got a phone call from Rory a director who had been let down by a DoP and asked me if I could film a small feature in Pitlochry for a week.

July 2015…


This was quoted as “seeing in the dark” once again at a price…$20,000

  • Ultra low-light performance at ISO 4 million.
  • High quality Full HD 1080p/1080i/720p output.
  • Flexible control with auto and custom settings.
  • Compatible with a wide range of EF lenses2.
  • Remote control of camera settings and built-in ND and IR cut filters possible.
  • Small and lightweight for ease of integration.

Hero4Session July

GoPro go for a new compact look but this departure also means new batteries and accessories, not worth the switch in my opinion.

September 2015…

FS5-main-title-IBC Sept

The big news came at IBC 2015 with Sony announcing the PXW-FS5, a cut down version of the FS7 in both features and size. This was to prove a significant addition to the Sony range as most FS7 users were realising just how heavy the camera was, hand held. This wee camera certainly fits the bill for 10bit 422 HD work and UHD 25p 4K work.

8K-title2 Sept

Canon decided to let their prototype Cinema Camera out the bag with a preview of their up and coming 8K camera…price on application.

Osmo-title Oct

September was Osmo time a potentially cracking product let down by faulty firmware, so far its been a month since they discarded the November FW opting for a factory reset which for me caused more problems so I am sticking to the November FW for now. The main problem is the tendency for the camera to list to about 20 degrees off the horison. It does not happen all the time but you would seriously think DJI would be a bit more on the case. Dont get me wrong I love my Osmo but feel let down by a company who seemed to have rushed this product to market without thorough testing.

October 2015…

Review-200-title Oct

Finally we got our hands on one of the first production models of the Panasonic DVX-200, a 4K bombshell.

December 2015…

X400 Nov

Sony Broadcast update their 400 series XDCAM camcorder with the new PXW-X400 with 422 XAVC i and XAVC L.


Finally RED bring out the RAVEN a 4.5K camera priced at a competitive £8,500 if comparing it with a C300 Mk11.

So thats all the new cameras that have mainly arrived during NAB and IBC this year, I reviewed the JVC LS-300 and the Panasonic DVX-200 both exceptional for the price. Its been a great year for me personally and I hope to be back during 2016 with more video reviews.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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