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18 New cameras

Once again a bumper year for cameras, 18 to be exact, from shoulder mount to large sensor.


Ike-HC-HD300 Feb

Ikegami brought out the HC-HD300 CMOS studio field camera, Ikegami unlike most other manufacturers tend to build for the broadcast market.

APRIL 2015

8K-title2 Sept

This was the surprise from Canon previewing an 8K Cinema Camera, price is anybodys guess.

c300mkii-April NAB

Canon showed the C300 MK11 with 4K internal recording but spoiled it with uncompetitive pricing and reducing the C300 to a ridicules price at the same time.

XC-10-April NAB

The Canon XC-10 was also announced and to be honest has not taken off partly due to the non constant aperture fixed 10x lens.

ursa-mini April NAB

Another camera to make its debut was the URSA mini, great price at £2000 but spoiled by the EVF sold separately for a further £1000 half the price of the camera itself !

Wee-cam April

Black Magic also brought out the BM Micro Cinema Camera that takes micro four third lenses, I don’t know how well this camera has sold but at £679 you can’t go wrong.


Another shoulder mount from Panasonic the AJ-PX380 is a top end P2HD camcorder for the broadcast market.

AG-DVX200-4-lens-April NAB

The NAB show stopper was the Panasonic AG DVX-200 with its sexy red back. At £3,358 this 4K 50p camera has set the heather alight.

Kine-1 April

I know very little about this camera only that its 6K and sell in the US for $8000.

So thats up to April 2015 and already we have 9 new cameras, I will go through the rest of the year during the week.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

4 thoughts on “18 New cameras arrive during 2015

  1. What’s your favorite 2015 camera for small independent documentary filmmaking ?

    HDW : Its up between the Sony FS5 and the JVC LS-300, my friend and blogger Rick Young has 6 Sony F3’s yet he is blown away by the features on the JVC LS-300.
    I on the other hand bought a Sony FS5 as a “B” camera to my FS7. The main difference between the 2 cameras are the availability of proper servo zoom lenses for the FS5, something JVC need to look at as 3x M4/3 zoom lenses are not in the same league.

  2. Dear Philip:
    Is there any possibility of a test to the Sony NX100? It seems a versatile camera.

  3. gentlemen, want to point out a possible design flaw in the new agdvx 200 from panasonic, for the 2nd time I am sending it back to bh video with a viewfinder problem. Anyone else hearing about this. Thinking about moving to the sony fs 5 instead,

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