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I have an ICE LIGHT and still use it especially on location, it gives you a very low footprint compared to a normal flat panel LED light.


The Output
You asked for even more power and we delivered. Thanks to a new-patented technology, the Ice Light 2 is 50% brighter while still offering the same compact surface area. No need to sacrifice portability for output, the Ice Light 2 offers you both.

The Quality
Ice Light 2 features a 96 CRI (Color Rendering Index) at 5500 degrees Kelvin. Why does this matter? A CRI index measures the ability of a light source to accurately render all frequencies of its color spectrum. Lower CRI ratings will result in problems with skin tone and color.

The Beauty
Unlike Speedlites or traditional LEDs, the Ice Light has a built in diffuser saving you both time and money. There is no need to purchase additional softboxes or accessories. This custom designed diffusion panel is solid to protect the LEDs and curved to provide a broad 72.6 degree beam angle. This results in a very portable unit projecting incredibly soft light over a broad surface area.


The Power

The Ice Light 2 includes a removable Lithium Ion battery built directly into the handle. Providing a run time of 60+ minutes at full power, the battery is designed to be charged both inside and outside of the Ice Light. Cost-effective replacement batteries make it affordable to always have a few spare batteries on hand.

The battery indicator helps you keep track of your remaining power to make sure you never shut down during that perfect shoot!

* 5 dots lit = 100% Power
* 4 dots lit = 80% Power
* 3 dots lit = 50% Power
* 2 dots lit = Need to Charge or 25% power
* 1 dot lit = almost discharged or under 5% power

The Performance
Using high-quality design and components, the Ice Light power stays consistent throughout the entire duration of the battery. This means your output doesn’t drop as your battery power does but rather the currents increase while the voltage decreases providing a stable light consistency.

The Ice Light provides a fully flicker-free output ideal for video. Inexpensive power supply can allow some voltage to pass into the LED lights, creating what is referred to as “ripple”. The ripple can cause the LED to pulse of flicker, affecting your video shot.


The Functionality

The new digital power display offers precise control over a 10-step flicker-free range. The Ice Light also offers power output memory. When on a shoot, figure out your perfect setting and then simply turn if off to save power. The Ice Light will remember your setting when you turn it back on!

The Ergonomics
Weighing a mere 1.2 lbs., the Ice Light 2 is easily operated with one hand allowing the ability to actual shoot and light your subject at the same time. The included carry case makes shooting on location a breeze with adjustable shoulder strap and included cord bag.


The Certifications
We care about your safety. The Ice Light is CE Certified for safety and allows photographers the ability to travel abroad with no issues. This certification indicates a product’s compliance with EU legislation and enables use of the product in the European market.

The Voltage
The Ice Light is multi-voltage from 100 to 240 volt allowing for worldwide use.

The Accessories
For our users, Ice Light 2 and Ice Light 1 accessories are fully interchangeable! No need to re-buy accessories you may already own.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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