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NAB 2015 is just around the corner and rumours are flying all over the internet of the following…

Canon need to show a 4K alternative to the Sony FS7 if they are to stay in the large sensor race, 8bit C300 is old hat, 10bits are the minimum spec for 2015 4K camcorders.

Canon need to produce a 4K internal recording 10bit camera this year, the bets are on a hybrid C300/500 with on board XLRs and a bit less boxy than the C300 design. The C500 was a disaster for Canon, 4K external recording was its main downfall apart from price.


To contend with Sony FS7 the “new” C450 will have to be around the £8K mark or less and have the ability to use a servo zoom and have XLRs on the camera itself. 4K 50p minimum recording spec.


Panasonic Broadcast have produced nothing as popular since the AF101 was produced. Panasonic have brought out a 4K 50p camcorder in the guise of the HC-X1000 which I reviewed recently and was very impressed with its 4K to HD picture.


The Panasonic HC-X1000 is not a Sony FS7 by any stretch of the imagination but if the rumours are to be believed we will be witnessing the final birth of a new 4K AF101 at NAB 2015.

The AF400 will be more of a contender for the FS7 as Panasonic already have a Hi-end 4K Varicam at £25K so they have nothing to lose by bringing out a £7K camcorder.

I would like to see the new 4K Panasonic with a Super 35mm sensor going away from the micro4/3 as seen on the AF101. Internal recording to SDXC cards, class 10, speed 3. Using expensive P2 type cards will not be the way forward, 10bit 422 minimum spec.

A wee birdie also tells me that Black Magic Design are also bringing out a new camera this year, I do hope we get away from big 10″ LCDs and get back to practical loupe viewfinders.

Sony will also bring out a camera or 2 but as they are basking in their FS7 success I doubt it will be a cut down FS7…or will it ?

I will leave you with a funny video about Canon…I dare you not to laugh.



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