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Having spent £200 on an HDMI to SDI Atoms converter I now discover the HDMI socket on my FS7 is producing a non standard SD signal.

576/50i is the standard PAL SD signal not 575/50i, this is why my converter can’t “see” the SD signal being produced from my FS7.

Why do I need an SD signal…I can be called to film a live feed into a satellite truck and most of them only accept SD signals. I need the ability to feed an SD signal via a SDI socket which the FS7 can’t do natively.


If any other FS7 owner can test the HDMI SD output I would be very grateful.

I hope Sony are on to this and repair the SD signal from the HDMI socket in the up and coming v.2 firmware.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “Sony PXW-FS7 produces a non standard SD PAL signal

  1. I hope that the fix won’t take 2 years now. That prevents the use of the camera for any basic broadcast /live feeding the truck. Now I’m asking if the beta testers and “official” reviewers (paid by Sony) test this item for the on-off switch and what else? if the rec button works? what else?

  2. That is really funny. Everyone knows that the number of video resolution lines must be an even number. Probably this problem will be fixed with a new FW, but a wonder how did they obtain such an uncommon resolution.

  3. Thank you for being the guinea pig and pointing the various anomolies out. The FS7 is really a no brainer to buy but Sony calling it a professional product and then showing they don’t understand the market they are aiming at is worrying.
    Will put purchase on hold until things are sorted.

  4. Hello Phillip, Just wondering if you have found a workaround to get an SD-SDI signal out of the FS7 natively or by converting the HDMI signal yet?

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