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At £265 this digital wireless system is a snip RODE have set the bar even higher and they have cleverly integrated the antennas. I have just invested in a Sony Hybrid radio kit but you can be sure if this is as good as it sounds it will be part of my increasing RODE production kit as soon as it becomes available.

Question… I don’t understand why RODE have not included a 3.5mm to XLR cable with the new digital wireless system, it’s standard in every other radio mic kit ? Answer…You buy the VXLR that allows you to connect your mini jack to XLR adapter.


  • Series II, 2.4GHz digital transmission
  • 128-bit encryption
  • Up to 100 metres range
  • OLED display (on receiver)
  • One button pairing
  • Three level gain control
  • AA battery or USB powered
  • Includes RØDE’s broadcast Lavalier microphone


RØDELink represents the next generation of digital wireless systems. Using a series II 2.4GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption, it is able to constantly monitor and hop between frequencies to maintain the strongest possible signal level at a range of up to 100 metres (over 100 yards). The RØDELink Filmmaker Kit provides everything you need to start shooting video wirelessly, including a receiver, transmitter and broadcast-grade lavalier microphone. The receiver (RX-CAM) features an OLED display with information on level, battery status (receiver and transmitter), mute and channel selection. The unit can be mounted on a standard camera shoe mount, 3/8″ thread or belt-clip, and for added versatility the shoe mount can be located in one of two positions. The lightweight transmitter (TX-BELT) can be fitted to a belt or clothing and features a locking thread to ensure the microphone connection is as secure as possible. RØDE’s omnidirectional Lavalier microphone is included in the kit to provide the highest possible audio reproduction quality.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

13 thoughts on “RODE Link Digital Wireless system £265 ($399 B&H) Updated

  1. I believe that the 2.4GHz is the future, but they HAVE to work on a plug-on (XLr) transmitter as well. Both audio technica system10 and this new Rode system can’t be used for a basic interview with a dynamic microphone (xlr) NON cardioid and NON directional. I have the system10 for lav work and works fantastic, so the technology is already available. But I have to keep the sony UWP-D for plug on and second lav because I need to use a decent xlr microphone (like the ev 50B). Anyway the Sony system is better than the audio technica simply because the audio is better but the moment I see a plug-on for XLR I’ll switch immediately.

  2. Riccardo : never had any problem with audio technica system 10 which uses the same 2.4GHz of this Rode. It is better than the UHF because it finds the signal by itself. For example working in a hall with other UHF systems (or even a DJ with a couple of wireless) creates way more problems, so you have to pair and re-sync all the time. Which is fine (don’t get me wrong), just .. it takes time. Also working in NYC (in midtown Manhattan in particular) where UHF is a hit&miss) I can tell that the 2.4GHz systems work like a charm, and right away. Like I said my only problem is the microphone. Without a plug-on I have to use the audio technica (cardioid) and I don’t like it. Not sure which microphone I could use with this Rode system here since they don’t even have a microphone with a built-in transmitter (let alone a plug-on). So this is only for a lavalier.

  3. Mark,
    you’re lucky! The “Filmmaker Kit” with a lavalier is only the beginning and there will be a plug-on XLR transmitter as well. Røde already showed it (and a rack receiver) but these accessories aren’t officially announced yet.

  4. Bernd : good, and since they are working on it may I suggest a rode reporter with a built-in transmitter in 2.4GHz for the “interview” people? Audio Technica is oriented to the “stage” and “singing” people, like this rode is targeting the DSLR people but there are also the “intereview” people out there.

  5. Considering the price and lack of included XLR cable, I’m wondering if this product is being aimed more at the DSLR shooter market than anything else. So perhaps the quality won’t be up to the standards of other radio mic kits? I’ve bought a few Rode Lavs over the years at approx. £140 a pop, so a bit annoying that for just over £100 more I could now get a wireless kit with it!

  6. Scott : yes, that’s scary (the lack of XLR cable) at least until we get some feedback on the field. On a sony UWP-D receiver I get better sound connecting the standard 3.5mm cable to a rode VXLR adaptor than the included XLR cable (no idea why). Talking about lavs there are the giant squid also to consider (both mono and stereo versions) that are surprisingly good and cheap. But they only come with the plug for sennheiser (locking screw) or standard 3.5mm (powered). They work great on zoom H1 though.

  7. seems such a basic ommission, it’ll be a trs connection,probably a minijack, so dead easy to knock one up from rs parts.

    A transmitter that plugs into my ntg2 would be epic for booming in public places. Cables are a pain in the t1ts on busy streets and require an extra body on the set to keep them out if shot and from under peoples feet.

    If these work to the usual rode style… 90% as good as the sennheiser version but a third or half the price, then they’ll have a hit.

    The lack of an xlr out cable is just bomkers, thats your eng and cinema camera guys out… and anybody recording audioo directly into a dskr (rather than say through a tascam, beachtek or juiced liink) is that serious about good audio and would probably just buy the cheapest option instead (samson airlines?)

  8. When you have a two people “sit down interview” with two of these lavs/kits and two cameras – would it be smart to have the reporter’s feed go in to one of the DSLR’s microphone jack and the interviewee’s feed go in to the other camera?

    HDW : Cam 1 filming interviewee would have lapel mic from interviewee for lip sync, Cam 2 shooting the reporter would have reporters sound.

  9. I have had a look at the wireless kit and it looks really good, very light, the only problem is the price quoted in your description is some way off the retail price now published at £349 inc. VAT.

  10. Looks great but I will wait for the XLR transmitter release and hopefully that will have a very useful phantom powered switch unlike my current sehnz xlr transmitter which is a real pain where you don’t want it

    HDW : It has the Captive TRS cable which allows you to buy a VXLR which allows a mini jack to XLR connection.

  11. These are £288 inc VAT now.
    One question though.

    Is the included Lav mic exactly the same kit you would get if you bought the Lav mic on it’s own?

    HDW : Yes

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