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Having just received this FREE from Sony promotions for buying a Sony PXW-X70 I am assessing its picture quality over the GoPro 3 plus.

Firstly can I add that you have far more presets via the GoPro menu than you do over the Sony. The GoPro can be set for UK frame rates like 25p and 1080 50p while Sony have taken the lazy mans menu and made it US frame rates as default but thanks to my readers I have managed to worm my way through the menu system to change it to PAL, this can all be done on my iPhone via the GoPro !

I do like the monitor watch but you soon get to realise the iPhone is a far better viewing tool.


I think the GoPro 3 plus has many more advantages over the Sony not to mention the far more sophisticated menu system via your smart phone.

Even comparing the two cameras underwater housings the GoPro 3 plus is 40m while the Sony is only 16m. I do find that many cameramen/women become blinkered in the world of everything must come from the same manufacturer but there is no comparison between these two products the GoPro 3 plus is streets ahead.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

4 thoughts on “Comparing the GoPro 3 plus over the Sony HDR-AS100VR

  1. You can switch the video system from NTSC default frame rates to PAL frame rates in the menu.

    Look for the setup/config/v.SYS/ option in the menu.

    HDW : Such a crap menu system all this and more can be done via the iPhone with the GoPro.

  2. The Sony AS100 of course is switchable between NTSC (30p/60p/120p/240p) and PAL (25p/50p/100p/200p) as well. It’s a standard feature of such cameras nowadays and explained in the manual.

    HDW : Cheers

  3. I have de Sony AS30V. It’s a good camera, good quality with daylight. Quite bad in dark. You can select NTSC or PAL video mode but… not in the same sd-card. You need TWO cards, one for NTSC and one for PAL because the machine FORMAT the card on every video system change. Not very clever in this digital world (why you can’t record diferent formats on one card? Mistery).

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