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Avid President and CEO Louis Hernandez, Jr. took the stage at Avid Connect 2014 to present the most profound, sweeping, and strategic product announcements since our inception.

His landmark presentation shows how the Avid Everywhere strategic vision can help everyone—from the largest media organizations to independent facilities, professionals, and artists—create and distribute the greatest, most inspired content in the world.

  • Streamline workflows and enhance collaboration using the MediaCentral Platform
  • Create, manage, distribute, and monetize content using cutting-edge applications
  • Deploy solutions with total flexibility, choice, and security

The first Avid Everywhere-inspired product offerings are available today—with much more coming soon. Now is the time to get on the platform.

HDW ” Adobe reached this point well over a year ago charging $45 a month for the whole suite, as far as I am aware you only get Composer for $49 a month but all will become clear on the 14th of May.

I am no great fan of the “subscription” way of buying software, Adobe tell us its a better way to keep the software from being pirated but as usual the pirates are 2 steps ahead and you can openly get CC on a pirate platform if you know where to look.

This is the last chance saloon for Avid but personally Apple’s FCPX has gained a lot more fans over the last 6 months with many Premiere hopefuls reversing their decision back to FCPX.

I will be interested to see where AVID go with this on the 14th but I personally think they have missed the boat…we shall see.



Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “AVID Everywhere…almost for $49 a month !

  1. “Apple’s FCPX has gained a lot more fans over the last 6 months with many Premiere hopefuls reversing their decision back to FCPX.”

    And this “fact” info comes from..where?

    HDW : Talking to many friends and colleagues in the business plus lets be honest who wants to be beholding to a company with a $49 direct debit rolling out your bank account every month.

  2. I don’t think $49 a month is much for a working professional. It should earn it’s keep many times over at that price – but i do agree that this isn’t a good way to move forward.

    I think Avid are clutching at straws to keep the cashflow working. Their days are numbered.

    Oh. and it’s ‘beholden’.

  3. Sure looks like a slippery slope.

    You end up paying and paying and if you stop paying, you would presumably have to go back to your source files and re-do all of the editing in some other environment.

    If a new operating system comes out that you do not want to move to and the vendor of the NLE decides to de-support what you have, you would under this scenario having to end up paying for the version you get locked into, with no way to get updates.

    Very close to writing blank checks. I would never go for this unless all NLE vendors go that way.

  4. Software as a service is nothing I see as something positive.

    It’s great for the developer. Lower cost and a constant revenue stream. It might even be great for the amateur at home, getting updates all the time.

    But it’s often a pain for the buyers as they need to keep paying month after month, year after year. If you stop – you are lost.
    Like KWKeirstead says. You are being forced to move up to a system or software revision you don’t want, need or actually can move to due to other dependencies.

    I’ve seen this too often at work were we are unable to update our SLAs due to the version we use are no longer supported – though we had a valid SLA until the day before – and we cannot upgrade as other middleware or systems depend on this specific version and they lack support for newer versions.

    And suddenly the license changed to account for number of CPUs. Then it changed to number of cores. Then to number or processes ran by the cores. Then yet again to amount of memory…

    Workstations and servers are no longer a single application setup. They are advanced and complex workflow systems which fails if a single part stops working.

    As for FCP, for our workflow the FCPX was not an option so we stayed on FCP. And that was ok. No problem at all. Not for us and not for Apple.

    But we had to move up on the whole Adobe CC suite. It’s such a pain in the behind to handle for a large organisation with all the verification and account crap.

    And everyone says, It’s only 39 per month.
    And 29.
    And 49 and another 29 and another…
    It never ends.

    Software as a service is a deal with the devil.

  5. My experience is that Premiere Pro is winning in the pro market hands down against FCPX.

    As a freelance editor I’ve seen the amount of requests for Premiere Pro increase substantially over the past few months whereas FCPX demand is still virtually nil. Most companies use After Effects and with the new Adobe subscription model they get Premiere Pro effectively thrown in for free. Given that Premiere Pro is the NLE most like FCP 7 to use (but without the god awful render times and need to pre-convert rushes), and can read FCP 7 project files makes it a no brainer for most companies.

    I’ve tried very hard to like FCPX, it has some very nice features but I have been severely burnt several times by it when I’ve opened up an old project only to find that, having updated FCPX since I last opened the project, the edits no longer retain clip in and out points or speed changes. I also have found that whilst it’s quick to throw stuff together when you get down to crafting the edit it becomes a slow, tedious and frustrating process because Apple haven’t really considered how craft editors work. This is why for craft editors Avid is still favoured because you can hone your edits accurately and quickly.

    Regarding Avid Everywhere, it’s not just that Avid is moving to a subscription model, it’s more the fact that they are offering a truly universal platform that everybody (wherever they are and whatever computing platform they are working on) can gain access and collaborate with other creatives and which can host their projects from pre-production right through to distribution. Whatever you thoughts on the subscription model if Avid can make this platform work for corporations right down to one man bands then this will be a massive achievement.

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