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One thought on “GH4 Arrives today

  1. Hi,

    I was going to go for this, have decided not to. Some tests have shown low light capability isn’t too good. Noise starts creeping in at a low ISO. Plus the 29m 59s one clip limit has put me off. Did you get yours from abroad or are you no bothered?

    I have instead ordered a Sony a7s (from outside EU) which has excellent low light capability. Plus it will be easier to get the bokeh effect with the larger sensor & faster lenses. I still need to decide which external 4K recorder to go for. It also shoots 120fps at 24p at APSC sensor size.

    HDW : Most EU DSLRs have a time limit, lets be honest if you need more than 29m you need to think video camcorder but filming at 4K this may be an expensive option.
    I have never bought a GREY IMPORT” and never will…fraught with danger, I got mine from H Preston Media via Holdan.
    Bokeh or shallow depth of field (SDF) is largely down to the lenses, I have a 42.5mm f1.2 Leica lens and a 25mm f1.4 Leica lens for the GH4 both more than capable of excellent SDF.
    You do not have much option on a 4K recorder till Atomos bring out the Shogun or it will be an expensive purchase.
    The Sony is a compromise both sound and no internal 4K but if low light filming is your bag then the Sony will be a good choice, I hope you don’t live to regret buying it outside the EU.

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