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1.) Audio recordings via internal microphone
Previously, Lch and Rch recordings from the internal microphone could be inverted (rare cases). This has now been corrected.
Note: Audio in clips that have already been recorded can be corrected by using the editing software ‘Sony Vegas Pro 12’.

2.) HDMI2.0 output compatibility
After selecting HDMI output setting as below, 4K video will be able to playback on the TV compatible with 4K/59.94P,4K/50P or 4K/29.97P,4K/25P transmission system defined on the HDMI version 2.0 (YCbCr 4:2:0 / 8bit).

Details of HDMI output signal:
 • Video Format Setting: NTSC Area 4096×2160 59.94P
HDMI output signal: 4096×2160 59.94P or 3840×2160 59.94P
• Video Format Setting: NTSC Area 3840×2160 59.94P
HDMI output signal: 3840×2160 59.94P
• Video Format Setting: PAL Area 4096×2160 50P
HDMI output signal: 4096×2160 50P or 3840×2160 50P
• Video Format Setting: PAL Area 3840×2160 50P
HDMI output signal: 3840×2160 50P

Additional Video Formats:
 • Video Format Setting: NTSC Area 4096×2160 29.97P
HDMI output signal: 4096×2160 29.97P
• Video Format Setting: PAL Area 4096×2160 25P
HDMI output signal: 4096×2160 25P

3.) Slow Shutter Setting in S&Q Motion mode
You can now select slower shutter speeds when adjusting the shutter speed in the Slow & Quick Motion mode.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

4 thoughts on “Sony PXW-Z100 4K camcorder FW Update

  1. Downloaded and sucessfully upgraded to V2, took about 9.5 mins with a reboot midway.. shdc card 16mb..

  2. Hi there – can you let me know if this camera displays image in viewfinder and lcd at the same time? My NX3 and NX70 is either one or the other – very frustrating… cheers.

    HDW : I will find out

  3. Hi Jared, it`s either or, not both,
    but external [eg cineroid] all info displayed, as lcd on camera…


  4. The FDR-Ax1 is also either LCD or viewfinder. Both the FDR-Ax1 and PXW-Z100 are missing quite a few features that are on the NX5U. Some may appear in the firmware update promised for the summer. Things I find missing on my FDR-AX1 from my NX5U are smooth gain switching, data code ( though the button is there but doesn’t work yet ), spotlight setting ( something I thought would be there on a consumer camera ) only one set of picture profiles, battery icons instead of time left etc.

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