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According to 4/3 Rumours they are convinced that Panasonic are due to announce the new Lumix GH4 this coming Friday (7th February 2014) between 5-6pm London time.

GH4 rumoured specifications so far…

1/8000 shutter
1mil dot OLED screen
21mm OLED viewfinder, 3,000+ dot.
Time code
200Mbps mp4 All-i/100Mbps IPB
4:2:2 10/8bit output
3G-SDI and XLR adaptor (An adaptor that the camera sits on with XLR x2, HD-SDI x4)


Not only are we getting 4K GH4s but Panasonic are also sporting a wearable go anywhere 4K camera, Panasonic are going all out for 4K this year and we may just get to glimpse all the new toys at BVE this February.


Just at the right time Panasonic are also bringing out the Nocticron 42.5mm f1.2 lens, this will add a further dimension for low light, interviews and shallow depth of field shooting.

Why will the GH4 be such a game changer ?

Mirrorless is the key to this cameras success, having such a good electronic viewfinder and swivel LCD puts the GH4 way ahead of the competition, not to mention 10bit 4:2:2. In All-I (200mbps) the compression is done in each frame is restricted to that one frame. In IPB, the compression is done across frames, by taking advantage of parts of the image that do not change from frame to frame.

I think the only real advantage is that you can cut to whatever frame you want with All-I. With IPB at 100mbps any given frame might be reliant on information in a previous frame, you are somewhat restricted in this capacity. However since you are being less restrictive on the compression algorithm (with IPB), you might get more detail and less macro blocking.

The addition of the XLR/HD SDI optional accessory really takes this camera up to a professional level leaving Canon and Nikon standing.

I was doing some research for the Glidetrack documentary and remembered my 60m “Getting the best from your AF101” video and using a Glidetrack HD slider. Playing back the Quick Time file on my FCPX timeline reminded me of what made the AF101 so special at that period of time and how it was all filmed at 720 50p @ 28Mbps. Looking at the GH3 footage shot at 1080 50p @ 50Mbps proved to me how far the micro 4/3 system had evolved and how sad Panasonic Broadcast never brought the AF101 to its 10bit 4K conclusion.

Update from 43 Rumours

G4K has focus peaking
– There is an attachable XLR adapter
– H264 codec all intra that give 422 color all intra in 100 mbps. To record this you will need to buy the new P2 Micro card in SD shape made by Panasonic
– it will be switch-able from 4K and 1080P with various frame rates (can shoot 120fps at 1080P for example)

HDW : Very interesting if true you are looking at spending £254 plus vat for a 64G micro P2 card !


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

4 thoughts on “Panasonic to announce GH4 this Friday…7th February 2014 (Updated)

  1. I wonder if Panasonic will cripple the GH4 as they did the GH3 by turning off the display information on the LCD after 10 seconds with no ability to override or upgrade the firmware to allow it. If they avoid that flaw in the GH4, it appears to make the C100 and it’s 28Mbs AVCHD CODEC look seriously “Old Think” … like the AF100.

  2. “proved to me how far the micro 4/3 system had evolved and how sad Panasonic Broadcast never brought the AF101 to its 10bit 4K conclusion.”

    Or will it?

    With 4K slowly establishing itself, HD has a huge part to play – remember that good 10 bit HD can be upscaled to 4K, whereas 8 bit (and 4:2:0) will not be quite so glorious.

    I’ve decided that I’ve bought my last 8 bit camera, and a long awaited update to the 101 could put the GH4 internals into a 102.

    Or are they going to do the same silly thing that they did with the DVX100 where they completely ignored 16:9 anamorphic and left the market open to the Z1?

  3. Like Matt Davis’s comment, hopefully Panasonic will finally bring out an AF200 4K series camera with proper outputs replacing/updating the current AF100/101 HD units (although I still like my one). The AF101, in my opinion, has a good operational form.

    I have used a PMW400 camera (for a week) and was pleased with its 10-bit output and again like Matt will only buy a new unit if it is 10-bit.

  4. I think it is over priced. I have gh2, but for mirrorless camera (not full frame) to give more then 2500 euros, is too much…

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