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After a hard days filming and my 3pm slot with TV-BAY live and Richard Payne here is some of my findings of the day.


This chap was using some kind of wooden rig on his DSLR which by all accounts looked very practical.


We met up with Alastair from Glidetrack who gave me an overview of his new very, very smooth camera carriage, this can be upgraded for existing customers.


Samsung who have captured the majority of the domestic HDTV market were showing off this 4K monster screen which was stunning to say the least.


Charles from Cambo was demonstrating their new pull focus unit with end stops and a very cleverly designed switch that can move out of the way to avoid the end stops should you need to do so.


Steve and Jens from Zacuto were demonstrating a cracking new rig for a DSLR with a specially produced pull focus that worked as sweet as a nut.




Rycote care of Tim had the new wind jammers on show, this was the zebra version, I think it brings a serious injection of humour to any sound kit and has to be applauded for having the balls to produce such a fantastic modern theme to a very boring grey past.


As they say “look as the size of this” it puts a whole new meaning to the word’s wall mounted !


Lastly these girls were on hand to relieve lots of hard earned stress from those who were fortunate enough to get a place in the queue.

Tomorrow is my last day at IBC so I hope to give you my opinions and some of the more interesting and best kit of IBC.




Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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