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While filming in Sainsbury’s this morning I decided to add some timelapse footage, to my horror when I flicked through the menu I discovered Canon had only provided a minimum of 2 fps and not the world standard 1 fps.

Who in their right mind designs a £10,000 camera with a 2 fps timelapse feature…I then remembered watching an early video review done by Philip Bloom commenting on this very topic and noting how stupid Canon had been to produce the XF305 the exact same way.


If I had noted this to JVC I would have had a FW update within two weeks and yes both the JVC GYHM600 and 650 have a timelapse of 1 fps and the 600 is 4x cheaper than my C300. The C300 has been out for months now and only this week we get a FW upgrade that says “Efforts to correct image color fringing when a subject is of high contrast have been made.” So these “efforts” to correct colour fringing have been addressed and not a major flaw in the cameras design which would be easy to correct giving us 1fps for timelapse.

Using the present settings you would get 1 extra useless frame every 5 seconds making the end result stuttery to say the least !


Shocking news from across the pond in the US is that NTSC which is switchable on the camera gets 1fps while the UK are stuck with 2fps…WHY CANON ?




So why don’t I just use NTSC when recording time-lapse…because I should not need to and it also requests that you re format your CF card if switching to NTSC…this is shabby design by Canon when every other camcorder in the universe gives PAL users the ability to run at 1fps.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

6 thoughts on “New firmware for Canon C300 v1. and still no 1fps for timelapse on PAL cameras !

  1. At least you got timelapse! Alas we C100 owners have to shoot ‘real time’ with the Slow Shutter engaged, and speed up in post.

    On a couple of jobs this month, I’ve required timelapse – but thought ‘Ha ha! I have a DSLR for that!’. However, DSLRs have difficulty keeping up with anything faster than a frame every 3 seconds (assuming a 1 to 1/3rd second shutter for motion blur). Yet most ‘activity’ looks best at between 1 and 2 seconds per frame.

    Does simply doubling the footage in post get your 2 frames per exposure back to 1 frame? How do the 2 frames work with slow shutter?

  2. Canon should discontinue C300 and C500.
    Both cameras were nuked by Sony F5/55.
    They should “rebatch” C500 for C333 and sell it for under $13,000.
    This is the only way to sell anything after March…..
    Also their Cinema Zooms are too much.

    HDW : Canon C300s are selling like hot cakes Jiri, you buy into the F5 needing a ton of money with all the add on’s plus
    expensive SxS cards unlike the C300 with simple affordable CF cards.

  3. If you believe it…
    Who would buy in 2013 C300 or C500 if one can far superior camera…
    STANDARD SxS cards are OK up to 100Mbs…
    F5 costs only few grand more to C300.I can buy F5 with OLED VF for around $20,000. At least you can buy VF for Sony. V-Lock batteries and charger are cheap.
    ,…and don get me started on C500 and COST of C500..;-)

  4. Another thing they will never fix is missing 2x vectorscope gain. Can’t use my DCLabs chart properly because of this.

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