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10 thoughts on “BM Cinema Camera v Canon 5D Mk111

  1. maybe a good start pricewise
    but what about the crop factor?
    are we ready to give up on all the wide shot?
    perfect camera for wild life for sure…

  2. I think the Canon devotees have taken a big helping of wishful thinking. The BMCC just blows it away. However, HD Warrior might be a little premature in consigning the DSLR to history. The new GH3 might give the BMCC a run for its money… and the hacked GH2 remains a force to be reckoned with.

  3. The BMCC is clearly good. It’ll perform better than a Sony FS700 because of the codec but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use the FS700 for serious film work.
    It may even perform better than a lot of cameras already approved for HD broadcast.
    DSLR’s for video will have their place for a while yet….especially full frame.

  4. >>>are we ready to give up on all the wide shot?

    Why in the world would one have to do that?

    …All you have to do is purchase an appropriate wide angle lens for the BMC, which will be much easier with the BMC model with the Micro 4/3 lens mount.

  5. Dslr’s and the BMC aren’t even in the same catatgory really. you can buy a full dslr set up, with lenses memory cards, filters and a mic for 1000-2000 pounds and be ready to shoot. the BMC is over 2 grand as body only, add another couple of grand onto that for a rig, battery solution and a few hard drives. then there’s likely going to be an upgrade to your edit rig so its powerful enough to handle the raw footage, plus hiring data wranglers on longer shoots as those hard drives will fill up fast, the costs of using this “value” cinema camera will add up more than people realize.
    Don’t get me wrong the pictures out of the camera look stunning, but i think it’s going to be at least couple of years yet before something like this usurps dslr’s and becomes commonplace. it’ll happen but not until prices come right down on solid state drives and the capacity gets significantly higher. at the end of the day for a lot of folk camera choice is a compromise between image quality, usability/workflow and price, which is why dslrs will remain a popular choice despite their shortcomings.

  6. Not really suprised. Considering how bad the H.264 compression is on the 5d – this is extremely well known. A more interesting comparison would be between the C300 and the BMCC. The C300 is not RAW and is compressed, but with a much better codec. The real problem with the BMCC is storage space, ergonomics and post production process. As a run and gun camera, I don’t think it is feasible. The C300/C100 can easily be used in run and gun. However, if one is doing Hollywood-style production, the BMCC looks like a great option.

  7. Common guys, this is a commercial for BMC, graded BMC footage against ungraded 5DIII footage? Yeah right. This guy is clearly selling something. I’m not saying the 5DIII footage is better then RAW from a BMC but they sure make a big effort in making the 5DIII look bad.

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