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The new UltraStudio Pro is the world’s first broadcast quality SD/HD capture and playback solution for USB 3.0 computers! UltraStudio Pro combines the latest broadcast technology into an attractive ultra-thin design that looks great on your desktop!
UltraStudio Pro has the power you need for the most demanding broadcast and post production environments. With the incredible speed of the new USB 3.0 interface built- in, running at a massive 4.8 Gb/s, UltraStudio Pro easily has enough speed for the highest quality uncompressed 10 bit HD video with the maximum real time effects!
Advanced Broadcast Technology
UltraStudio Pro packs state of the art broadcast technology into an impossibly thin design. You get more video and audio connections, high quality up, down and cross conversion, full 10 bit video, internal SD keying and more!
UltraStudio Pro also includes a massive number of video and audio connections including 3 Gb/s SDI, HDMI, analog component, composite, s-video, 4 channel analog audio, 2 channel AES/ EBU audio, genlock/tri-sync and RS422 deck control connections. UltraStudio Pro even includes a broadcast quality 7 foot/2 meter breakout cable, so you’ll save hundreds of dollars on expensive professional cables!
There’s even an independent SDI output that’s down converted for simultaneous HD and SD monitoring while you work! The built-in up, down and cross converter lets you edit in one format, and then output to any HD or SD format!

Innovative Design
UltraStudio Pro’s innovative design looks great on your desktop while hiding the cables behind the unit. With dozens of audio and video connections built-in, you can keep your studio neat and clean! UltraStudio Pro includes audio level meters for accurate audio level calibration.
UltraStudio Pro’s chassis is machined from solid metal with high grip silicon feet, so it’s strong enough to withstand the most harsh broadcast environments.

UltraStudio Pro $895

HDW : Before you get excited remember this will only work with USB 3.0 computers which makes it USB-3 PC compatible at this moment in time but I am reliably informed you should be able to buy a USB-3 slot in board fairly soon from Apple. The one thing that bothers me about this product is the breakout cable…a mess of cables…personally I would have preferred a breakout cable that terminated into a 18″ rack mount box.

According to the information we all have at hand right now, the next-gen USB standard should become available for commercial applications in 2010, and Apple should be one of the first companies to embrace it. Why? First, because people missing FireWire may not be happy with USB 2.0, and second…

…just think about the USB 3 specifications: speeds up to 4.8 Gbit/s (600 MB/s), as well as a powering system which intelligently cuts power when your USB 3 device is idle!

Since the USB 3.0 Promoter Group has announced the completion of the USB 3.0 specification and the USB 3 release is, practically, a part of the past, but if you’re one of those working in a company that’s going to mess with this new technology, you may want to take a look at the specification and adopter agreement, both available here. After all, there’s still enough time left until USB 3.0 arrives in consumers’ hands, but you wouldn’t like to miss the USB 3 train, would you?


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “Blackmagic design “UltraStudio Pro USB 3.0” $895

  1. This thing looks way cool… but was missing the USB 3 cable in the box. Once I purchased my own cable did all the firmware updates and driver installs and “Tada” still didn’t initialize and install properly. After fighting with it for an afternoon I called BMD support. They had me try a few things but still nothing. To Preface this, I am an IT Professional with a degree in Electrical Engineering and have supported and managed video production facilites for 10 years now so I have had to tackle my share of weird software quirks. Apparently this product doesn’t currently work with my HP Envy 17 i7 (even though it matches the published tech specs) and after an email today from tech support they have no idea when it will. Just wanted to warn you all that if it isn’t one of the very few pre-tested motherboards be prepared for the UltraStudio Pro to fail on install. I’ll post again if they get this resolved.

  2. Andrew : Thank you for your comments. We have had the same issues with our system. The only difference between your story and ours ,we use an HPi6. There are cards available from New Egg but we do not know if they work.

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