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Although I won’t be at NAB 2012 myself we have a spy in the camp, he who should not be mentioned will be sending me up to the minute information regarding Sony, Canon, Panasonic and JVC.

What we do know is….Sony , Canon, Panasonic and JVC will all be showing off new cameras this year but what specs and pricing remains a mystery.

Sony…Sony are due to update the EX range of cameras and the NX-5 is looking tired, they also need to address the F3 @ 35Mbps because its now loosing sales over the Canon C300. Update. Since writing this I have actually seen what Sony are bringing out at NAB this year and there are a few surprises but I cannot divulge any information till the 3rd of April.

The one thing that is not embargoed is the new firmware for the Sony NX-70, they seem to have overcome the juddery zoom and it looks like we are getting smooth variable zoom control, I think this FW will be released during NAB 2012.

Canon…Canon are on a roll but need to be careful because the C300 is out selling all large sensor cameras in the UK alone, and for the first time in history the UK is outselling the USA. It looks like Canon will show their “C” badged DSLR but if its 4K as predicted could knock C300 sales if Canon don’t get the marketing right.

I think we may also see a 1/2″ 305 with interchangeable lenses as it’s the 1/3″ sensor that lets this camera down for full BBC HD approval.

Panasonic…Panasonic are not due to update the AF101 but many of us are predicting they will show off an August release AF301 with the same processing as seen in the HPX-250 with 4:2:2, AVC Intra and that all important 10bit and a change over to P2.

JVC…JVC will be showing off a further updated 4K camcorder with interchangable  Nikon lens mount.

Finally someone is listening to us… for cameras like the Canon C300 that does not come with a microphone I have been looking for an alternative…a short light alternative, like the new Sony ECM-MS2, it might not be the highest spec mic in the world but as a good old camera mic it will do me fine…SOLD. (€270 euros). Available from April.

Once again this NAB looks to be a cracking show and with all these new cameras the HD Warrior blog will be red hot reporting on all of them and I look forward to reviewing some of them during the year.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

8 thoughts on “Our man in NAB 2012 (Updated)

  1. The canon xf305 does have full bbc hd approval regardless of the 1/3 sensor.

  2. All programmes have to be shot to minimum 50mbs, 2/3 chip-set. (although the Canon XF305 which qualifies by BBC standards and meets the bitrate settings but not the chip-set??)

  3. It’ll be interesting to see if Sony will replace its MC50 with a pro version of their CX760 domestic camcorder, or if they’ll just offer a 50P (from 50i) firmware upgrade?

  4. I guessed right, but what about cost? I can buy the CX730 (similar to the CX760 but with no internal memory) for around £900. Add maybe £150 for a decent ext. microphone and I could save 50% on buying the newly announced NX30E.

  5. So the new Sony NX30 is priced at around £1,900. But do we really need a in-built projector? I think not. And why 96GB of internal memory when 64GB will suffice. Sony could have produced a camera that’s just as appealing but £££s cheaper. The CX730 is currently priced at around £990. Add a couple of 32GB memory cards and an inexpensive quality ext. microphone and you could still save £600.

  6. The firmware update to the NX70 will not fix the soft-edge focus, coma, and CA problems (I know I tested and rejected three units and sent all them back) The NX70 uses the same engine and lens as the CX760, image quality is not nearly as good as the MC50; the lovely 1080 50/60p cannot make up for bad IQ.

    The FS700 will be nice for people in love with shallow DoF, but for people like me who HATE shallow DoF (and need a power-zoom), we are holding out for an upgrade to the NX5 – it needs TRUE 1080 (1000 TV lines) resolution + the AVCHD 2.0 spec with the 28 Mbps 1080 50/60p. If Sony does not get it out the door at NAB 2012, Panny AC160 here I come!

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