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Today we were in Edinburgh filming a web commercial for the Football Nation as part of my Canon C300 DVD.

After my Ice Cream shoot I discovered the on board mic holder to be a real pain, the holder itself being totally non standard, in other words the diameter is far bigger than it should be causing major problems with all my short shotgun mics as they are far too thin and need bulking up to fit in the holder. This caused me no end of problems with my Ice Cream shoot so I got to work on an alternative.

Simple…a micro magic arm with one of Rycote’s InVision Video suspension shock mounts and a bespoke XLR lead, works a treat, there is a 1/4″ tripod thread on the camera handle just the job for a magic arm.

Scott my lad was filming me with the Canon XF100 to make sure you get a blow by blow account of what we were up to.

The Glidetrack Hybrid slider worked a treat with the Canon C300 I used various lenses from the Canon 60mm macro lens to the 16mm Tokina wide angle lens, I had no issues using the C300 on the slider other than having to remove my Genus rig beforehand and having to replace my Miller tripod plate for a Manfrotto plate.

So that was us… in an Edinburgh sports shop for three hours producing a web commercial, I also used the Miller Solo legs to get an exceptional high shot and used the Zacuto EVF to monitor the pictures.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

3 thoughts on “Filming a web commercial with the Canon C300

  1. Hi, not strictly related, but what should make one person buy a C300 instead of a RED Scarlet ? A ready to go kit is almost the same price, and you get 4K RAW with Canon mount.
    Why should I go with a compressed HD at 30p as max speed and inferior possibilities of color correction?

  2. To make Scarlet a truly ready to shoot kit you will need to add at least one more RedMag and a couple more RedVolts. You will need a sunshade for the LCD or an external EVF. The Red workflow is much, much more complex than the C300 workflow. You have to factor in the time it takes top process the Red Raw footage before you can use it. If your shooting hours a day, this could take days to do and you would also want a Red Rocket card in a suitable PC/Mac. The C300 workflow is simple and straight forward and the image quality is more than adequate for most productions, so why got through all the Red Raw headaches when if you don’t need to? Of course if your shooting a movie or high end drama then maybe Scarlet is the better choice, but for corporate or documentaries it’s overkill.

  3. that’s an interesting point of view.
    a friend of mine has the scarlet arriving next month, he shoots documentaries.
    having 4k raw footage will allow him to re-use it in the next years without being “old” FullHD.

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