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Crossing the water from the southside of Glasgow I attended the Visual Impact look, listen, experience show is association with Tv-Bay.

Canon gave me alone of their Canon 5D Mk111 and I had a whale of a time firing off pictures at 3200-6400 ISO.

There was one room cram packed with camcorders of all shapes and sizes for all to play with.

As usual the seminars were packed to the gunnels with people wanting as much information about solid state, this well attended seminar was held by Dave Chalmers of BBC Scotland talking about file based workflows.

As usual Canon did not disappoint with two EOS C300s, a range of glass, XF305, XF105, the new 1DX and the 5D Mk111. The above photograph was taken by my newly  acquired G1x at 1600 ISO @ a 1/60 sec, clean as a whistle.

Sony were showing off their PMW-F3 with an Atomos Ninja parked on top of the camera.

Panasonic were showing off their new AV-HS410 vision mixer which comes with 8 HD-SDI inputs and a new built in 7″ multi mode colour LCD monitor.

The ARRI Alexa was one of the cameras in the shooting gallery and its a beast and a half, this setup with a 45-250 ARRI zoom was impressive looking but not practical for hand held shooting.

Black Magic design had this rack mounted ATEM 1 M/E Production Switcher which also looked very impressive.

This chap from Visual Impact was very helpful and took the time to describe all the different LED lights and their various features.

This is my good friend Tim who was an editor at Scottish TV when I knew him we have kept in touch ever since.

This was a very interesting camera or should I say lens, the Canon DigiSuper 27 AF is a studio lens with “Auto Focus” who would have thought we would see AF in a studio lens…fantastic.

This was a very friendly attractive lady from Visual Impact taking pictures with her iPhone, this was taken with a Canon 5D Mk111 at 1/125 @ 4000 ISO with the 70-200 f4 IS Canon L lens.

There is no doubt about it the Canon C300 stole the show along side the 5D Mk111, Canon hold all the cards and sitting in between Sony and Panasonic “that felt good”.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

3 thoughts on “Visual Impact in association with Tv-Bay at the Hub in Glasgow

  1. Would love to go to something like this in London? Anyone know about a similar event coming up?

  2. Hey Phillip,

    Saw you at one of the lectures and was going to speak to you afterwards but you must have gone early. Will try and catch you at other seminars for a blether about all things cameras. Cheers the now


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