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So why is their so much hype leading up to the shipment of the first Canon C300’s …simple…after almost a year we finally have a camera that will accept Canon EF lenses if you choose the C300 flavour, the C300 PL only takes prime lenses, not an option I would choose…not having any PL glass !

Secondly as usual Canon sit, watch and enter the market with a camera fit for HD broadcast, at 50Mbps (CBR) 4:2:2 422P@HL you no longer need to attach those cumbersome add on recorders to meet HD broadcast standards and to a cameraman/woman that’s mighty important.

I have said this till I am “blue in the puss” but we (camera persons) DO NOT LIKE ADD ON’S especially ones that make or break a production like an external recorder, Sony not only missed the point with the 35Mb F3 but will find it a struggle to compete with the Canon at £9940 plus vat.

What ever happened to the EF adapters we were promised for the Panasonic AF101, Sony F3 and FS100, so far only RedRock have managed to ship their LiveLens adapter and thats only for the AF101, Birger Engineering seem to have dropped of the radar leaving us MTF who should be shipping early January 2012 with adapters for the AF101, F3 and the FS100 allowing you to control the iris on the Canon EF lens.

The adapters are welcome but you can’t beat the feel of the EF lens bayonet fit straight onto the front of the camera which is the major appeal of the C300 also if you choose the EF version you have a wider range of cost effective Canon glass and a far wider angle of view not seen on PL glass.

I am off to get my hands on a C300 this coming Tuesday not to do a review but just to see and feel the camera for myself, I hope to have a production model late January and you can be assured a full in-depth user review will be produced and as a new feature for 2012 all my video reviews will be uploaded in HD.



Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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