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Sorry for lack of content but I had a small window of time to refurbish my edit suite and as I knew from five years ago it’s no mean task. Wires, cables everywhere and everything in the wrong place so I decided this was swap over week.

The old desk was a pig to un-assemble and was a lot heavier than I was expecting, a re-design of the new desk gives me a welcome set of drawers to keep my SDHC cards in place while editing.

As your keen eyes may have noticed I am still running Final Cut Pro 7, I do not have the time to look at FCP-10 till the next major upgrade due out at the end of the summer. So thats me a new desk and finally computers, VCRs, remote controls and everything in it’s place


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

5 thoughts on “Edit suite update

  1. Congratulations on finishing your edit suite. Only a few years ago, I too decided to redo mine….. 30 minutes to undo, 10 hours to put wires, cables and the like back together again…. it was just one not connected cable that added another 2 hours of fault finding… but we love it really, don’t we….and it was a good excuse to mention to my better half that new piece of equipment that would benefit everyone (didn’t work though)…. maybe next time…

  2. Nice set up you have. How did you get the TV output? Isn’t the TV little closer to the editors seat?

  3. Nice setup, Philip!
    One thing to be wary of: although the Samsung LCDs (I think that’s one of the LCD models you have there) can come very close to producing accurate video with calbration, some of them have undefeatable noise reduction which can smooth over CCD noise (and film grain). Just something to be wary of if you’re using it to monitor low-light footage!

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