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Yesterday was a great success for H Preston Media as John flew back to Malvern last night. John “We had a great day up in Glasgow, meeting mostly our regulars and some fresh faces as well. The Sony NX70 was the camcorder of the day selling three at the open day itself.

The Sony FS100 was also popular and when I swung the camera into almost darkness and set the camera to 21dBs of gail the jaws dropped and some customers were being swayed from potentially buying DSLRs to the FS100.

First to greet us was my old pal Jim Barclay and friend who were keen to see the Sony NX70 and were more than impressed.


Graham was next to not only to see the NX70 but bought one as well, Graham had already bought two MC50s last year and was very keen to match them with the NX70, having all the extra pro features like XLRs, gain and a smoother iris control.

Next to visit us were Shaun and Gino, Shaun had already bought an NX70 from us and is delighted with the camera, Shaun ” I thought the MC50 was good but the quality out of the NX70 in amazing”.

George and Wendy of GMW Productions were keen to see the NX70, they have two NX5s at the moment but the NX70 is more than appealing as a second camera to the NX5.


As the afternoon wore on we eventually had some time for lunch then it was the de-rig and John was taken to Glasgow airport.

Hampden was getting ready for the Neil Diamond concert during the day and will be a sell out as usual, hosting Take That the week before. I would like to thank Louise MacQueen, events co-ordinator for all her help in arranging the first open day in Glasgow.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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