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I have partly produced a review of the new Sony FS100 over in Arran but came back to the mainland with a major lack of content showing the FS100 not only being used but shots from the camera itself. After a day or two racking my brains my sister Martine sent me an email telling me that her son Douglas had published a new single with iTunes called INSECURE

That gave me an idea, Douglas had been thinking the same idea so we got together to produce a storyboard of Dougies ideas, slow motion, black and white, speed changes he was certainly a focused young man with specific shots in mind.

Things kicked off in Dougies first chosen location a penthouse flat in the centre of Glasgow with it’s Bang and Olufsen LED television that electronically swivels to give you a perfect viewing angle. I am using the new Glidetrack Hybrid slider with a Manfrotto DV head and the Sony FS100.

Dom and Fiona were the central characters and a charm to work with, Dom is in fact a junior surgeon in one of the major Glasgow hospitals and must swoon the nursing staff where ever he goes. Fiona a very pretty young lady who is a marketing manager for a major Glasgow firm.

The Sony FS100 was an absolute joy to work with, once again working outdoors I was using the 4x ND Cokin filter which allowed me enough depth of field without getting carried away.

We arrived at 1pm although the first shot did not kick off till 2pm and as you can see the pictures from the FS100 are stunning, this is a frame grab but the natural skin tones and lack of noise is un-real.

I was ably assisted by my long time friend Stewart who was a good sounding board and came up with some nice lighting ideas. This video grab is from the Sony NX70, I had Stewart record some behind the scene footage which I will edit in the morning.

Dougie was having a ball, basically he played his song via an iPod and mimed in sync to the lyrics, seven hours later Dougie called some of his friends to help us move about 500 yards from one flat to another.

This is Tonys flat, this is where the party was to be held and a further three and a half hours shooting taking us up to 10.30pm

The great thing about the large sensor cameras is your ability to work in either available light or with a minimal bounced ceiling light due the the cameras ability to have up to 15dBs of gain with little to no noise.

The crucial scene being explained to Dom, this video is about female insecurity with her boyfriend, if I were a girl I think I may be a tad insecure working with a modern version of Dr Kildare.

Twelve hours later and we reach the final scene back at flat one, I was shattered by now and just wanted to get to my bed.




Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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