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I guess someone was bound to do such a comparison but sadly for Canon it shows up it’s major flaws quite dramatically to the extent that “Canonites” …those who revere the 5D2 are rather taken aback by how bad their camera really is under “normal” circumstances. This is an article produced by Mike Seymour who is not out deliberately to bad mouth the Canon.

Mike “As part of our Red Centre Podcast coverage we want to share this clip with you that compares the Canon 5D Mk II and the new Sony F3. In this test, both cameras were attached to the same tripod locked together – and then panned over the same technical background. The results show the F3 recording a considerably better rolling shutter and the benefit of the F3 not line skipping. The 5D – while having a very high resolution sensor – reduces this image to 1920×1080 in a very abrupt way. So while the larger sensor gives the cinematographer a shallower depth of field, – the poorer technical down res-ing produces some really unwelcome artifacts.”

Of course, the 5D does manage to produce good shots every day around the world. Our intend here is is to highlight the technical issues and allow the cinematographer to shoot knowing the issues and the risks. Click here for a 100meg HD mov sample


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

7 thoughts on “Sony F3 v Canon 5D2 “The writing is on the wall”

  1. The Canon is a Stills camera let’s not forget whilst the Sony a camcorder, the thing is that the Canon has started the shallow depth of field and larger sensor race that is now on….. so let battle commence, Happy New Year!!

  2. Well said, I have mellowed over the last few months, as the HDSLR has it’s place and has brought a lot of students into the SDoF market and thats a good thing…Happy New Year !

  3. Fascinating for those with money. In Australia you can make an overseas purchase of up to AU$1000 without the customs tax. I digress. I use a Letus 35 with a variety of Zeiss lenses (including an anamorphic LA7200) on my Canon XHA1. In just two years the Letus has become redundant. I agree that all of this has been leading to a camera which produces images like film. The Sony F3 will shoot itself in the foot ultimately because it will cater only for an audience with money! The other Sony thing looks ridiculous! The AF101 will be popular for those who didn’t buy a Letus (or wished they hadn’t.) Canon hinted at a 4K camera earlier this year, but were so vague in their delivery. Red look very exciting but at the same time, chaotic and making announcements on the run. IF I had the money I would buy the F3. IF I had a little money I would buy the AF101…. just some thoughts as we count down to NYE at 8:46pm.

  4. …and in other news, a 2011 Porsche 911 ran a faster lap time around Nurburgring than a 2008 Toyota Sienna minivan. The 5DII is an old camera (at least a generation or two behind the F3 – 2008 vs. 2011), that accidentally, unintentionally, and singlehandedly created a whole new, affordable, low light, shallow DoF market. It’s several times cheaper, in a whole different class, and unlike the F3, not purpose built. So an F3 beat a 5DII on several tests? Shocking.

    I’ll be keeping my 5DIIs (at least until a 5DIII is released), XHA1, and AF100, thank you very much, all of which combined with some lenses still cost less than a bare F3. Nice try Sony, way to hit the dead zone between the Red (and Alexa, if one’s pockets are a little deeper) and the AF100.

  5. I don’t see how these cameras can be compared. They are in two completely different price brackets and thus different market places – surely?

  6. Having used the F3 recently for a viral with a very experienced DP, we came up with the following conclusions. For a camera that costs 7 times the Canon, it has virtually the same rolling shutter issue and can not deal with highlights as well as the Canon. So I wouldn’t be too happy about my work if I were Sony.

  7. It has a rolling shutter I grant you that but no where near the same disaster as the Canon. Highlights are no better no worse. Looks like you need a trip to specsavers !

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