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So here we are…finally some good Hi Rez pictures of the Panasonic AF101, the PL mount in this case is the MTF PL to Micro Four Thirds Adaptor. This is proving so popular with customers that Mike from MTF ran out last week but he is expecting to have more from today.

We have not really had a chance to view the business side of the camera in such detail, I am glad to see a small joystick being used on the “FUNCTION” mode, I do hope this is an alternative navigation to the thumb wheel seen at the front of the camera. A nice touch is the removable panel covering the audio level controls. Note the mode button far right just above CH2 and the letters CAM & PB which can only mean “Camera” or “Playback”. Interestingly the OIS button will only work if you have Panasonic Micro Four Third lenses with the OIS switch. The 14-140mm lens has the OIS switch and this in my opinion will be “standard lens” for the AF101. Great to see a decent ND filter ring from 0 to 1/64 ND.

The two SDHC slots are at the top and a nice indication in yellow as to which slot is in use. There is HDMI, SDI and composite out and note where the headphone socket is.

This side is a bit like the dark side of the moon, a side we haven’t seen that often, note we have line and mic switches, the phantom power is switchable on the opposite side of the camera. This camera has grown on me since the early prototype… as one DP called it “an ugly duckling with a swan like picture” thats a perfect description of this camera. As they say it’s not all down to looks, it may be a tad boxy but from all accounts the camera performs and performs well and that’s the bottom line.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

One thought on “Hi Rez pictures of the Panasonic AF101

  1. Comparing this to my HMC151, a couple of corrections: the dial at the lower left of the second picture I’m going to assume is for aperture control – just as it has been back to the DVX100. The Sony Z1 has a similar control in a similar position, too – nothing to do with menu interfaces. It’ll only work with µ4/3 lenses, presumably, though I believe the forthcoming Birger EOS adaptor will use it.

    The Mode button has been moved from its rear position on the HMC151 – you’re right that it toggles between camera and playback. On the HMC it needs holding for a second or two, and the mode changes are slow enough that checking the last take is frustrating for a flash media camera. That’s one quirk of the HMC that I hope the AF100 avoids.

    I’m surprised by the OIS button – all the µ4/3 lenses I’ve seen with stabilisation have on-lens controls. It may be that it’s necessary to switch between different stabilisation modes.

    My favourite detail is the separate cover over the headphone jack; all the HMC’s ports are behind one big cover, which is inevitably flapping loose and getting in the way.

    The biggest oddity, meanwhile, is the position of the REC start/stop buttons. With the removable handles they’re in unusual locations. I guess we’ll get used to them quickly enough…

    Oh, also – I don’t believe the cover over the audio gain dials comes off without using a screwdriver. It’s just to reduce the risk of nudging the dials during use. Again, that’s how it is on the HMC/HPX and I believe HVX.

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