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I have a good friend who want’s to buy a Sony PMW-350L, NanoFlash, Sony PVM 740 OLED monitor etc, etc. Before he commits to purchase the camcorder he got me to check if the 350 outputs HD-SDI and composite video at the same time…NO ! Now this is not an issue for me because I don’t have a Super Bright Transvideo wireless  video monitor costing £3000. My friend John uses this piece of kit a lot as some directors enjoy wirefree monitoring.

Sony bring out a splendid camcorder in the 350 and by all accounts looks like you will get HD-SDI 4:2:2 out of the back socket and 525 SD out of the side VIDEO OUT but NO….instead you get HD-SDI 4:2:2 and HDMI but no composite out of the VIDEO OUT. At this time of writing Sony have not got back to me but be assured I will have an answer from them this week.

You would think a firmware update would solve this oversight.


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

2 thoughts on “SONY PMW-350 “Blunder may be affecting sales”

  1. I own a PMW 350K and i use composite out all the time when shooting in full HD and now i have HD 7″ monitor so i use HDMI out.
    I also have a Nano flash and i run the HDMI out to monitor.
    But yes composite out works fine with HD. Got to make sure they’re all on in the menu first.

  2. I am sincerely sorry i miss read your comment.
    You are so right i have just tried composite out while using my Nano Flash connected to HD-SDI out.
    Composite to the monitor definitely does not work.Thanks for that info.

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