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7 thoughts on “The new SONY PVM-740 field monitor “Video Review on it’s way”

  1. Hello HD Warrior!

    What is the price of this Sony field monitor? I am looking for a compatible field monitor with HDMI for a Nikon D5000 I am considering buying. I have seen some HDMI monitors on for about 170 quid. No doubt it won’t be the same spec as the Sony but the price seems reasonable.



  2. I guess one is a true monitor (designed to show up technical deficiencies), while the other is a screen (designed to make the best of any signal). I believe the price differential is in the region of £1,500 so it would be very interesting to compare the two side by side.

  3. The Sony is £2900…I can tell you now it’s not a patch on anything on the market today. I had a Small HD which was good but the new Sony 740 kicks the pants off the Small HD.

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