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AJA-FCP-7Yesterday evening I got an email from George Griswold from Video Now in Louisiana telling me he had been working with FCP-7 and the AJA io HD for over a month now.

I had a long think about this statement and came to the conclusion that George had upgraded Final Cut Studio rather than a fresh install. By upgrading his machine had retained the AJA settings and V6.0.3 firmware.

I was excited maybe if I installed the AJA firmware I too would get a working FCP-7 and AJA io HD. I downloaded the software from AJAs site and hey presto I also had FCP-7 working finally with my AJA.

This would be a good workaround till the new drivers appear so I did some preliminary tests to make sure the AJA was talking to my HD recorders and did some HM100 tests for someone else, everything was going smoothly…till…I tried to import a project from FCP-6 to FCP-7 and it crashed to the desktop. I repeated this 3 times and decided to re-install my FCP-6 SATA drive.

I can only assume that Mr Griswold has not had the need to import a project yet…how stable it is, time will tell but sadly I am back using FCP-6 on my second SATA drive.

After finding this out I thought it only fair to Email AJA with my findings…

“I’m pretty sure Engineering is aware of this issue but I will forward your findings to them just in case.
Regardless, I’m sorry for the delay but not too much longer.

Thank you for your patience.”

Best regards

AJA Video Technical Support


Having been working in the video business since 1988 I have amassed a great amount of knowledge of both the kit and production values over the last 30 years.

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