The New MacPro due later this year, no price yet.

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Fantastic…to all you cynics out there Apple have kept their promise and delivered an awesome new MacPro that will blow the socks off the competition.


New flash storage 2.5x faster than a SATA solid state drive, I have a 768GB flash drive in my iMac which is more than adequate for FCPX, Photoshop, Encore etc.


Six Thunderbolt 2 slots and the ability to connect up to three 4K displays !… the future in Apples eye is obviously 4K.

This is truly revolutionary not only in design but imagine FCPX running on this beast with 4K displays…if this does not bring a lot more of you back to FCPX nothing will.

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  1. Paul Delcour says:

    It looks awesome. Like to know the price though. My nearly 7 year MacPro still runs pretty decent. Be much easier though to give this a nice place, not just under my desk.

  2. Tim Bradley says:

    Apple does it again and changes what we think a product should look like. I do think though that it easier to put a square or rectangle under your desk rather than a round one.

    Lets hope its performance is a game changer too!

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