Video Review of the Sony PMW-F3

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[xr_video id=”88b90a1efa45400dac8f9b9c408ad293″ size=”md”]

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  1. Paul Hunter says:

    Very useful review – the night shots were stunning, very lifelike.

  2. ArranEye says:

    I have never seen such fabulous low light footage.

  3. jiri vrozina says:

    Thanks for that.
    The only reason i did not buy one is Silly EX1 kind of VF and EX Codec… where does it leave FS100?

  4. Nice review Philip, pretty informative. I get my hands on a F3 in 2 weeks and give it a test ride. In the moment i think I would prefer a FS100 – price>value wise. But who knows, can´t wait to do a side by side comparison.

    best, Frank

  5. Paul Ream says:

    You do know that these lenses are not actually dedicated to this camera? They are standard PL Mount, and work just as well on RED Arri etc. They are very good value for quality glass -just in a plastic body.

  6. Mike Domgard says:

    I’m confused, aren’t these PL lenses and don’t they work with any PL lens camera or adapter? Otherwise beautiful images.

  7. pankajsingh says:


  8. Paul Ream says:

    Actually these lenses will also fit on the F65 just fine!

  9. Jose ruiz says:

    Great review, thank you! just a question, which is the music playing during the second night footage segment?

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